Death of Thomas in Crépol: five new indictments, the murderer still not identified… Update on the investigation

Death of Thomas in Crépol: five new indictments, the murderer still not identified... Update on the investigation

La mort de Thomas avait déclenché une vague d'émotion. MAXPPP/France Bleu Drôme-Ardèche – Damien Triomphe

According to the public prosecutor of Valencia, the author of the stabbing which killed young Thomas, one night at a ball, is still not known.

"At this stage, the prosecution recalls that the certain determination of the identity of the author of the fatal stabbing is not clear. is not acquired". Five days after a new series of arrests in the investigation into the death of young Thomas, during the Crépol ball (Drôme) on the night of November 18 to 19, the public prosecutor of Valence, Laurent de Caigny, clarified in a press release the progress of the investigation.

Arrested in Romans-sur-Isère

Last Monday, eleven people were arrested by the gendarmes in the popular Monnaie district in Romans-sur-Isère, more than three months after the indictment of the first nine suspects, the most of them from the same neighborhood, for "intentional homicide and attempted intentional homicides by an organized gang".

At the end of their custody, five young people were indicted for the same charges. Two of them were placed in pre-trial detention and three under judicial supervision. "The judicial investigation continues and must exploit all the elements collected until this day", adds the prosecutor in a press release, recalling that not one of the suspects confessed to having carried out the fatal stabbing.

For a haircut…

The investigators from the research section of the Grenoble gendarmerie are therefore still trying to understand the roles of each person and the precise course of the evening. This turned into a brawl, when young people not invited to the village winter ball, some of whom were considered hostile by witnesses, were involved in an altercation inside the room over a related remark to a haircut. The clashes continued outside, a violent brawl which left eight people injured, four of them seriously. Among them, young Thomas, 16, who was stabbed, died on the way to the hospital.

A very sensitive file

According to the first elements of the investigation, the participants of the ball were not targeted because of their belonging to a "alleged race , an ethnic group, a nation or a specific religion", underlines the Valencia prosecutor. But the drama, last November, sparked a series of political controversies and demonstrations by the ultra-right. Four months later, the matter remains very sensitive.

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