Dell cuts around a hundred jobs, bomb threats, a mother on hunger strike: the main news in the region

Dell cuts around a hundred jobs, bomb threats, a mother on hunger strike: the main news in the region

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Bomb Alerts

GARD/AUDE. This Tuesday, March 26, at mid-morning, the students of the Mourion college at Villeneuve-lez-Avignon, were evacuated following an attack alert. The municipal police secured the surrounding area and checks were carried out. National Education specifies that "this evacuation was carried out as a precautionary measure" while establishments in Vaucluse were concerned.
In the afternoon, the Germaine-Tillon high school in Castelnaudary was also the subject of a bomb threat, indicates L’Indépendant. The students were confined while the police intervened. Establishments in Bouches-du-Rhône experienced the same setbacks throughout the day yesterday.

On hunger strike

#MONTPELLIER. A mother began a hunger strike, Monday March 25, in front of the Rectorate to denounce the moral violence that a teacher from the Georges-Frêche high school would inflict on his students. She was received by the Rectorate which communicated: "her rights and the possibilities of mediation were presented to her."& nbsp;His son and daughter, educated at the establishment, were allegedly victims of insults, threats and bullying from a professor in the bakery sector. The mother had already been received by the head of the establishment in September.

Dell Technologies cuts around a hundred jobs

#MONTPELLIER. At the end of 2023, a collective contractual termination was implemented at the two French locations of Dell Technologies& nbsp;: Montpellier and Bezons in Val-d’Oise. Of the 323 departures planned, around 270 were recorded, including around a hundred on the Millénaire site which until then had 900 employees.

The breaks must last until the end of April. The multinational specifies that the procedure avoids any forced departure but for FO, the first union organization in Montpellier but not in the majority, it is a ’concealed collective dismissal" which aims firstly the executives and supervisors.

Gilles d’Ettore  affair: his business assistant

#AGDE. Sébastien Frey, the city's first deputy, also a departmental advisor, acts as interim officer during the pre-trial detention of Mayor Gilles d'Ettore. And if he does not wish to speak on the legal aspect of the matter, he assures the population of the total commitment of the elected officials of the municipality. "There is absolutely no question of rushing through current affairs! All the projects that have been launched will be continued and delivered on the scheduled deadlines", assures the local elected official who denies an upcoming placement under the supervision of the municipality. "The financial health of the city is good and moreover, during the next municipal council on April 4, the first of the deliberations will concern the vote on tax rates, which will remain unchanged for the sixteenth consecutive year."
Gilles d’Ettore was placed under arrest warrant on March 21 after being indicted for "embezzlement of public funds, illegal taking of interest and passive corruption."

The number of the day: 140

#NIMES. In 2024, the halls of Nîmes will celebrate their 140th anniversary. If the anniversary date is next November, activities are planned throughout the year. It all starts this Easter weekend with a drawing competition. Appointments are then scheduled regularly. To remember in particular: on April 28, a giant picnic on rue Guizot; from July 26 to August 11, the Olympi’halles. and August 23 to 25, a skewer weekend.

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