DIRECT. Assassination attempt in Nîmes: follow the trial of Richard Perez live before the Gard Assize Court

DIRECT. Assassination attempt in Nîmes: follow the trial of Richard Perez live before the Gard Assize Court

Richard Perez et ses avocats, Me Gilles Gauer et Me Fabien Perez. MIDI LIBRE – FRANCOIS BARRERE

The businessman from Nîmes, nicknamed “The King of Garbage” is accused of having wanted to eliminate a rival by using hitmen, with the help of several repeat offenders, on February 23, 2013 in Nîmes. That evening, a police officer was also targeted by several shots from a shotgun when he arrived at the scene of the ambush. The five accused, who are appearing free, deny any involvement in this plan.

The trial of Richard Perez, 60, Robert Allouache, 51, Hakim Mammad, 51, Jean-Baptiste Belliure, 65, and Djemel Khadir, a 43-year-old from Nîmes, who are accused of attempted murder, committed in Nîmes on February 23, 2023, opened this Monday, June 10, before the Gard Assize Court. The verdict is expected Friday evening. Follow the main highlights of this hearing throughout this week.

– 9 h : one of the accused, Robert Allouache, is absent

While all the accused appear free, and four are present, with their lawyers, at the time scheduled for the opening of the hearing, the fifth, Robert Allouache , is absent, as well as one of his two lawyers, the Lyonnais Me David Metaxas.

After 30 minutes of waiting, the president calls the accused. "Mr. Allouache Robert is not present. You have not heard from your client ?" she asks Me Luc Abratkiewicz, who has been present since the opening of the proceedings. The lawyer: "I'm definitely tryingto get some.& ;quot;Another suspension, while we find out what is happening: is the accused late, or has he decided not to show up ?

At 10:20 a.m., Robert Allouache arrives in the courtroom with his second lawyer, David Metaxas. “Excuse me, I thought the hearing was at 2 p.m." explains the accused. The trial will be able to begin, with the drawing of jurors, the calling of witnesses and experts, and the summary of the case by the presiding judge.

According to the indicative hearing plan, this Monday should be devoted to examining the personality of the accused Djemel Khadir, Jean-Baptiste Belliure and Richard Perez-Laffont. Tuesday will be devoted to the personality of Hakim Mammad and Robert Allouache. Investigators, ballistics and DNA experts will testify on Wednesday, as well as several witnesses. The accused will be questioned on Thursday, the indictment, pleadings and the verdict are expected on Friday.

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