Disney series filmed in Montpellier: extras wanted to participate in the casting of “Disparues de la Gare”

Disney series filmed in Montpellier: extras wanted to participate in the casting of “Disparues de la Gare”

Un tournage de la série à Montpellier et alentour. Illustration Ingo Kramarek/Pixabay

Casting alert. For those who would be interested in starring in a series that will be broadcast on the Disney + platform, simply apply… We will explain the procedure to you.

The terrible affair of the missing women from the Perpignan station and of Jacques Rançon will be the subject of a series of 6 episodes produced by Route Productions.

Directed by Virginie Sauveur to be broadcast on the Disney + platform, the cast brings together, among others, Patrick Timsit, Mélanie Doutey and Ludovic Berthillot who will play the role of the killer Jacques Rançon.

Filming has already started, but several scenes will be shot in May and June in and around Montpellier. And the production is looking for extras.

The profiles sought

The team in charge of casting is looking for men between 20 and 60 years old with an athletic physique, sporty, with short hair, no beard, no tattoos or visible piercings for embody representatives of law enforcement such as police officers, gendarmes and firefighters. .

But also young people between 25 and 40 years old for a nightclub scene in the 2000s. No false eyelashes, false nails and visible tattoos for women and no beards and no tattoos apparent for men.

Filming days and remuneration

The extras will have one or several days of filming in Montpellier and the surrounding area in May and June. The remuneration amounts to  94.94 € gross/day without transport costs

To apply

Simply send recent photos very quickly, portrait, front and full length photo and specify the height and age by attaching the complete contact details and a telephone number on email: lesdisparuescasting@gmail.com.

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