Ditches and roads: an emergency situation

Ditches and roads: an emergency situation

L’élu Emmanuel Carrière discute avec les riverains.

Visiting the Cité des Espagnols, Emmanuel Carrière, president of the Costières neighborhood council, Pascal Perrier, director of Divaq, his assistant Françoise Alignan, and Nicolas Codderens, director of works for the city of Nîmes, met with the president of the committee, Annick Marcellin-Riry, accompanied by Nicole Neveu-Ouy, in order to take stock of urgent requests and others concerning the living environment, security, in a sector where residents have, for quite some time, had the impression of being forgotten.

In the headlines, the mowing of ditches for the entire neighborhood, the upgrading of many ditches, the treatment of residual water (still in the ditches) as part of the fight against the tiger mosquito. Other topics discussed: the equally numerous road and signage problems, the state of the small bridge on Chemin de Bachas, the repair of the bench on Rue du Docteur-Crouzet, or the installation of concrete promenade benches, after the attempted theft of the previous ones, on Chemin Tour-de-l’Évêque.

Aware of the legitimacy of the requests and the shortcomings of the companies delegated to carry out the work, the elected official promised rapid action before a drought carrying fire hazards. For their part, residents, like farmers, are invited to clean the side of the ditch which, in some cases, is their responsibility… In short, to improve life in the City, elected officials and residents will, we hope, work hand in hand and take action.

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