“Dix piges, piche” is celebrated for La Gorge frais, brewed in the South, in Béziers

“Dix piges, piche” is celebrated for La Gorge frais, brewed in the South, in Béziers

Une grande fête est prévue le 30 avril pour les dix ans de la Gorge fraîche. J.-P A. – Midi Libre

Ten years. Moving from a garage in Poilhes to a warehouse in Béziers and presenting 23 beers when we only had two in the beginning. That’s progress and it’s worth celebrating.

"Ten years ago, insists Ludovic, when we revealed the name of our beer, we were told “What's this rotten name”. Nobody believed it." Yet, La Gorge fraîche is a name that stands out, that inspires and makes you thirsty. "That’s still the original goal. We believed in it straight away during an aperitif with friends. We made wine and sausage. We were in the middle of the dry throat effect with a fresh throat to fight against the blowing Tramontana and the beating sun."< /p>

From two to 23 different beers in ten years

And after starting with a duo in blue and red in the colors of the ASBH, the small team which began its adventure in a garage in Poilhes, has grown a lot. Just like the number of varieties of beers. There are now 23 different ones, for all seasons and for all thirsts.
"It’s quite an evolution, Ludovic still insists. We work throughout the south of France, from Toulouse to Nice." Only the Catalans and the Basques resisted the Gorge fraîche sensation. "They have their own beers. Like us, they are very regional and can be recognized in their drinks."

For the brewer, the first to have attempted the brewing adventure in Hérault: "Beer finally has its place in wine country. It has truly become a product made in Midi. There, in the middle of the vineyards, around twenty breweries pour their production. This is very important and it diversifies the offer. Competition stimulates and we are always innovating. It’s a real challenge. And being distributed throughout the south of France is something really good."

Quality confirmations with medals

Participate in the agricultural show, à Paris is about sharing convivial moments with producers and good products. It’s also testing yourself, seeking recognition or even confirmation. This year, the La Gorge fraiche team brought home three awards from Paris. Two silver medals which are confirmations for products already in use. awarded by amateurs and professionals, the Neipa and the organic blonde Lager, and a bronze medal which highlights an ultra-local product with a scented beer with spices from Noilly-Prat, the aptly named Noilly-Prat blonde. 100% local.

On April 30, the Fresh Gorge will uncap its 10th pass for its "10 pines, piche". For these ten days, the brewers are organizing a great party on Quai du Demi, Avenue Joseph Lazare, from 6:30 p.m. The evening will be hosted by a DJ and food trucks will share their gourmet recipes.

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