Drone Expertise Lozère: cutting-edge imaging deploys its plurality of skills

Drone Expertise Lozère: cutting-edge imaging deploys its plurality of skills

Le Matrice 350RTK, précieux allié de Florian Delhal, offre des possibilités quasi illimitées. Midi Libre – Sabrina Khenfer

Florian Delhal, expert télépilote de drones, propose un service inédit en Lozère.

Their potential is immense and their applications almost unlimited. For several years, drones have been buzzing about progress with their promises of precision, discretion and versatility. An irresistible call for Florian Delhal, curious mind at the origin of Nature Sens’Ible, an audiovisual company based in Montrodat: "In 2019, I undertook drone pilot training certified by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation. It is similar to that of aviation pilots and is validated by a national and European diploma which allows me to carry out flights throughout Europe. I started by offering a somewhat sensational photography service for community and business communication. But I missed the scientific side. In 2022, I broadened my skills by becoming a remote pilot expert, trained in thermography and photogrammetry."

Indoor drone

Experienced in the exercise of these two specialties, as well as in cartography and the very strict regulations which govern the use of the sky, Florian created Drone Expertise Lozère, a company for capturing data images, data acquisition, diagnosis and advice in fields as varied as agriculture, industry, the environment and even real estate. Here he is today at the head of a small cutting-edge technological fleet, with exciting uses.

"One of my drones is equipped with a thermal camera. Thanks to thermography, I will, for example, be able to inspect the structure of a building, highlight flaws, heat networks, see if there are leaks." Particularly interesting, the possibility of taking the drone in hand for an indoor thermal inspection: "It’is very useful when you want to do work, to know the different thermal parts of a house, reinforce leak points, insulate thermal bridge areas. I can work for individuals, but also for insurance companies, for justice…"

The agriculture of tomorrow ?

Another centerpiece of Florian Delhal’s stable, the multispectral drone, designed in particular for agriculture and environmental monitoring. With an almost surgical precision of 1 cm/pixel, it allows very precise mapping of plots. Equipped with artificial intelligence, the device takes live readings and provides NDVI type images, for Normalized Difference Vegetation Index. To put it simply, it determines the state of health of vegetation by measuring the chlorophyll content of plants. "This will highlight water stress, diseases, the state of health of the soil, a vine, an orchard, ;rsquo;state of maturity of the fruits…"

Volumetric calculations

The Matrice 350RTK, another drone, allows you to highlight certain species of a forest or to precisely map the elevations of the land when it is equipped with ;a LiDAR, a technology based on laser pulses.

If its applications in the agricultural field are exciting, the Matrice 350 RTK also proves valuable in many other areas. Equipped with two antennas allowing it to connect to different satellites, it is able to accurately measure the volume of a quarry, a building or to inspect any faults that might be found, for example , at a dam or viaduct, when human intervention proves too dangerous. "We can even add a spray boom for cleaning facades, roofs, solar panels…"< /p>

As we will have understood, the field of application of these drones is vast and Florian Delhal's services only need to be extended according to the needs of his clients. A technology of the imagination where everything remains to be invented. Exhilarating !

www.drone-expertise-lozere.fr ou06 63 11 45 00. I subscribe to read more

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