Drug trafficking in Montpellier: “Managing it from prison is impossible, you have to be on site” swears Laurent Morcillo

Drug trafficking in Montpellier: “Managing it from prison is impossible, you have to be on site” swears Laurent Morcillo

Face à cet impressionnant dossier, Laurent Morcillo est défendu par Me Stéphane Gas, du barreau de Paris. MIDI LIBRE – François Barrère

Aged 40, this convict who spent 20 years behind bars denies having directed the lucrative network managed by his 21-year-old son in the Marels and Aiguelongue districts. But he admits that he still gave some marketing advice.

"Don't put me at the head of the network, managing this from prison is impossible. You have to be there". In front of the packed room of the Montpellier criminal court, Laurent Morcillo, 40, reveals his truth this Tuesday March 12 on his degree of involvement in the major drug trafficking organized by his son Laurent , 21 years old, in the district of La Grappe, avenue des Marels and that of Aiguelongue, until the police raid in May 2022. Thirteen defendants, including eight prisoners, are on trial for this dismantled trafficking in May 2022 by the Montpellier police.

Shaved head and massive figure

Shaved head, massive silhouette, this man with a serious criminal past, detained at Lannemezan prison, announced that he was going to be more talkative at the bar facing the investigating judge.

The prosecutor is surprised: "Why this change of heart ? " Laurent Morcillo: "Today, we're here for the bill. Everyone explains themselves. I know I'm going to jail, unless my lawyer is a magician. I've got my hands wet, but I don't want to wear the hat you're trying to put on me."

1000 € for a telephone at the Lannemezan power station

So he explains his role from this center reserved for long sentences, from where he makes multiple calls and exchanges via encrypted messaging to his son. Smartphones are of course prohibited. "In Lannemezan, it's not a remand center, it’s more complicated, it costs 1000&euro ;, a telephone. I am connected 24/7. It's a powerhouse, you do what you want in a powerhouse."

The President:   "Vous don't bring your phone to the gym anyway ?"& nbsp;"Yes, it happened to me".

Marketing tips

On the phone, Laurent Morcillo plays consultant for his son. "Me, I'm twenty years in prison, from the traffickers, I' #39;I've seen it again and again, and 90% of the people I meet, their discussions are their traffic and their business. So I gave him some delinquent advice, so that' #39;he makes his business work better, without going to prison." Laurent Morcillo assures that it was he who took care of the marketing, that is to say the detailed flyers which circulate on Snapchat or Telegram to praise his son's deal points, branded Street Prod GRP 34, (like La Grappe NDRL). Or to order packaging bags for bags of weed or cannabis: more than 40 kilos of these packages were seized in the Cluster's storage room.

"In life we ​​make choices. Me I’ I chose to act stupid, I pay the consequences" he philosophizes. The president: "But you also train your son, who hasn't seen you, and we have the’ impression that the only leitmotif of all this is money, of which in the end nothing remains."

Towards a new life in Spain

Laurent Morcillo."I agree with you 100%. My daughter is 18 years old, I saw her for 9 months. I spent my life in prison, I didn’t see my children grow up, and I don’t want to hear about France anymore. When I go out, I want to go to Spain, and my son is free to follow me. I think that in Spain, we can start another life. I'm 40 years old, I still have enough to live on."

The President: "Yes, there still time to work." The defendant, all smiles: "Ah but I wish it, and and I'm in good shape, too."

Intermediary on Rolex sales

From his cell, with his phone, Laurent Morcillo is already working. "I tinker here and there, I make a few cigarettes, I do watches. The watch market is important. For example, we're going to go with a Rolex: I'm like a player's agent, I'm an intermediary, I know people who sell, people who buy, and when I have a sale, if I take 2000€ or 3000€ on sale, I'm happy."

A Rolex, estimated at 30,000 €, the police seized one during the investigation, belonging to Laurent Morcillo fils, who estimates that his deal points earned him "3000 € per day". What to dream of, in exchanges with his father, in other Rolexes costing € 59,000, in purchases of apartments in Dubai. 

Laurent Morcillo is willing to take responsibility for all of this today. But the direct management of deal points, supply ? "To say that I hold all that ? It’is 19-year-olds, 20-year-olds, and I'm going to talk with them ? it's neither head nor tail."

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