Drugs, turf war and gunshots at Chemin-Bas in Avignon, a compromising recording

Drugs, turf war and gunshots at Chemin-Bas in Avignon, a compromising recording

Mes Karim Bouguessa, Daniel Barrionuevo et Baptiste Scherrer, trois des avocats des accusés. Midi Libre – C.R.

A young man was seriously injured during a shooting in Chemin-Bas-d’Avignon, on December 13, 2020. Five men have been tried by the Gard Assize Court since this Monday.

It’s a very talkative USB key which allowed the police to progress in their investigations after the shooting of December 13, 2020, in the Chemin-Bas-d’Avignon district. The recording took place in an apartment on Place Bir-hakeim, one of the hideouts for drug traffickers in the area. The shooting left one victim   ;ndash; a Beaucairois – seriously injured. And this spectacular and extremely serious operation, which shocked the residents, is widely commented on by the occupants of the apartment. The police officers who recovered the USB key then had confirmation that these shots were fired in a particular context: a turf war between drug traffickers from Chemin-Bas and Mas-de-Mingue .

Go figure… but this key was apparently given to the police by one of the drug traffickers from Mas-de-Mingue, who himself was seriously injured by his rivals during another episode. This compromising recording should be broadcast in the coming hours before the Gard Assize Court, where five men are being tried. Two of them – Karim Boudouch, known as Bouchon, and Redouan Bourich – defended by Baptiste Scherrer and Hugo Ferri are accused of participating in a criminal association as a repeat offender. The other three accused are accused of – Nasser El Khider, Samuel Goua, and Iliès Moussa – defended respectively by Mes Daniel Barrionuevo, Marisa Santia and Karim Bouguessa – attempted murder by an organized gang.

Broken knees

The recording was made in the apartment rented to Samuel Goua. This accommodation, Place Bir-Hakeim, served as a rear base for Chemin-Bas traffickers. In this recording, recalls the president of the Assize Court, Christian Pasta, one of the "occupiers" from the apartment, Iliès Moussa boasts and announces that he is determined to eliminate the opposing gang. "I was a small manager& ;hellip; I was refueling… and I reported to the people who were above me ", describes Iliès Moussa. "We did not know that there was this key and this recording" "Everyone is talking about a territorial war between Chemin-Bas-d’Avignon and the Mas de Mingue, advances the president of the assize court. But originally, I had the impression that there was an internal conflict at Chemin-Bas-d’Avignon.

Iliès Moussa was also a victim of violence. He was kidnapped by a rival gang. Results: both knees broken. Uncomfortable, in front of the criminal court, this 27-year-old man does not want to say more. "They could have killed you", insists the magistrate. At Chemin-Bas-d’Avignon, Iliès Moussa was armed with a Glock semi-automatic pistol. "It’was for my safety" , the accused stammers. The debates continue this Tuesday. The verdict is expected Friday.

” In the wrong place… at the wrong time”

This December 13, 2020, one of the hooded and armed suspects fled, entered the butcher's shop on Place Daudet before the metal curtain is lowered. He then went through the store's reserve and came out through the back of the business. In the butcher's shop, the police recovered a pair of gloves and a black jacket. They also discovered a Kalashnikov, hidden in the cold room.Nasser El Khider, one of the suspects, was arrested on the day of the shooting, in the area. " I was in the wrong place, at the wrong time, declared this man who denies having participated in this shooting.

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