Dutchman Hema moves to Polygone in Montpellier

Dutchman Hema moves to Polygone in Montpellier

Hema prendra place au rez-de-chaussée du Polygone sur 250 mètres-carrés laissés libre par Gap. Midi Libre – DR

Le 30 août, l’enseigne de produits pratiques pour la maison et la personne ouvrira son premier magasin à Montpellier.

Those who know would almost jump for joy. Hema ? It’is a brand of products for the home and the person. A bit like Action on the range of products offered (more qualitative) and prices that are attractive to say the least. A bit like Ikea for the Scandinavian side and the design by its own teams. All this, with an approach that is, according to the brand, more "sustainable".

"We are designers"

"We are designers, everything is designed at home, in the Netherlands", confides Stéphane Frenkel, director General France de Huma. He continues:"The brand was born in 1926. Today, there are 750 stores in Europe, many of them spread across three countries: the Netherlands, Belgium and France, where we have been since fifteen. This Wednesday, at Part-Dieu, in Lyon, we opened our 65th store in France."

Dutchman Hema moves to Polygone in Montpellier

5000 references and attractive prices. Midi Libre – FREDERIC LARDIN

Present in France for fifteen years, Huma waited for his… 66th store to launch in Montpellier. The brand took its time ?"Montpellier is very important to us. We have been looking for a location for five years n° 1. Montpellier is the city with the largest percentage of students. There we found the right location in the right place."

On the Polygone side, the arrival of this brand is also a satisfaction. Starting with Jonathan Demarquay, the sales manager. The reason is simple : "We did a survey on our social networks on which brand our customers wanted to see arrive in the shopping center. It turns out to be Hema."

A gourmet bestseller

Huma will therefore be located on the ground floor of the Polygone, with an opening scheduled for August 30. On site, customers will be able to access the brand's 5,000 references. Starting with the house bestseller, the brand's best-selling item: Dutch waffles, for those with a sweet tooth.

Some new features

If Hema will arrive at the end of August, the openings of two other brands are imminent. Cosmetics Kiko and women's ready-to-wear Many store (inauguration on Thursday July 4) will open in the coming days.

À Also note the presence in the ephemeral boutique of Religion rugby, which like its name the indication is intended for fans of the Ovalie, with polo shirts and jerseys, instead of Timberland.

Finally, outside the Polygon, at the bottom of the escalator, on the right side Éscales of the city, so Urban flower, a florist, has just set up shop in a kiosk. Inauguration this Thursday.

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