Eco-friendly buses, security guards tried for violence, new album for a rapper: the essential news in the region

Eco-friendly buses, security guards tried for violence, new album for a rapper: the essential news in the region

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Cleaner buses for the metropolis

#NIMES. Fifteen million were invested to renew part of the Tango bus network fleet. In the coming weeks, 39 so-called clean vehicles will be put into service on the metropolis' transport network, including 30 biofuel coaches, six biogas buses and three electric buses.

A renewal that has already been taking place for three years to meet two objectives: rejuvenate a "old and polluting park", believes Jean-Marc Campello, vice-president of the urban community in charge of mobility, but also to begin the energy transition of means of transport. Thus, of the 77 vehicles acquired since 2020, 63 of them are green energy. "This is a real turning point in transport policy", rejoiced Franck Proust, president of Nîmes Métropole, on the occasion of the presentation of these new vehicles. Which have been designed to offer additional comfort to users and drivers.

New album for rapper Demi-Portion

#SETE.Rapper Demi-Portion unveiled his new album this Thursday, January 18 at midnight. After Mots Croisés, released in May 2022, the Sétois returns to the forefront of the independent rap scene with Cadeaux Plume. Fifteen titles and a cover where the artist poses combatively, boxing gloves around his neck.

An album which marks the culmination of two years of work, and on which devotees of the creator of the Demi-Festival came to lend their voices like Francilien Souffrance. Struck by a personal tragedy, the artist was forced to cancel the events planned for the release of the album. But he is expected at the beginning of February in the legendary Parisian hall of the Bataclan.

The number of the day: 18

#OCCITANIE. The number of double-deck Coradia Max trains ordered by the German company DB Regio to serve landers in the north and on the shores of the Baltic. These trains will provide several years of work for workers and technicians at the Alstom site in Tarbes, in Occitanie, who will have to supply their electric traction system. More than 500 units of this model have already been sold by the Frenchman in Europe. These will be put into service in winter 2027.

Prepare your orientation carefully before Parcoursup

#MONTPELLIER. While the phase of formulating wishes opened on Wednesday on the Parcoursup platform, nearly 250 exhibitors have gathered since this Thursday at the Pérols exhibition center for the Salon de l’Enseignement Supérieur in Montpellier, in order to allow high school students to refine their orientation. Until Saturday, this is the opportunity to discover the sectors and their outlets; meet the training stakeholders; chat with student ambassadors. This event attracts many high school and university students from the region every year.

Nudist camp security guards tried for violence

#BEZIERS. This Friday, January 19, three security guards from the Cap-d’Agde naturist camp appear free before the criminal court of Béziers. Aged 22, 24 and 60, they have been indicted since December 6 for violence aggravated by three circumstances. One of them is also being prosecuted for violence by a person entrusted with a public service mission. All were suspended from their duties. Four people will be on the civil parties bench. They assure that the three suspects mainly targeted single men. And the injuries stated may correspond to blows suffered by a man who knows how to fight.


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