Eight teenagers from Béziers will set off to conquer Mount Toubkal, in Morocco, to open up other horizons

Eight teenagers from Béziers will set off to conquer Mount Toubkal, in Morocco, to open up other horizons

Anthony Meunier, éducateur spécialisé, sera du voyage au Maroc avec Pierre Roustan-Woittequand, 14 ans et demi et Bryan Moallic, 16 ans et demi. Diane Petitmangin

Aged 13 to 16 and supported by the Adages association, these young people dare to bet on adventure, individual and collective, to climb the highest peak in North Africa in four days (4 & ;nbsp;167 m).

Walk to get out and get by. They are young, in the full flower of adolescence and, for different personal or family reasons, their path led them to the Adages association, to the observation and educational action service (SOAE), committed to child protection.

In the service of children

The SOAE (Educational Observation and Prevention Service), created in 1964, has a platform in Biterrois serving child protection and supporting children. parenting. It responds to requests for social intervention emanating either from the Department (at the request of parents or observation by its social services), or from the judicial services when difficulties arise.

It intervenes in five areas: the Educational Investigation Service (SIE), Educational Action in an open environment (AEMO), Intervention ;educational à home (IED), the parent space (mediated visits in the presence of a third party, family mediation…) and Children’s Homes & social character (Guys).

"Set up "exteriors" is one of our areas of work, notes Anthony Meunier, specialist educator as part of the IED (Educational Intervention at Home). Because we can have young people stuck at home, isolated, disconnected from social relationships but hyperconnected to their screens.

Hyperconnection to screens

To counter this type of addiction, the IED has relied on a breath of fresh air."Initially, we offered these day hiking trips, with groups of 8 to 10 young people without any other underlying project. But we realized that it was beneficial, especially since we often put a little athletic challenge into it.

This is how the teenagers tackled Mont Lieusson, Caroux, Pic du Vissou or the Cirque de Mourèze… "À each time, we have the symbolism of the mountain, with a summit to reach and the notion of surpassing oneself. Last summer, the group faced the slopes of the Pyrénées-Orientales during a three-day stay, accompanied by a high mountain guide .

Surpassing oneself

"It’it was on our way home that we realized all the benefits of this escape. We live a shared experience and everyone can learn something from it on a personal level: self-esteem, pride in oneself and in one's parents. And they realized that they too are capable of achieving beautiful things".

Last December, the decision was made to take a further step, with the idea of ​​a 4-day trek abroad and a departure by plane to confront another country, another language, another culture. The choice fell on Mount Toubkal, in Morocco, the highest peak in North Africa (4 167 m).

Discover the High Atlas

Eight young people aged 13 to 16 are on the adventure, three of whom have roots in this Maghreb country. Adages covers part of the trip, parents bring their share (100 euros). "We also managed to find small local businesses to sponsor us".

The teenagers mobilize every Wednesday to cook and sell oriental pastries and a fundraiser on helloasso has been opened to finance the equipment (duvets, shoes… ), the high mountain guide and the mule drivers who will transport bags and tents. Adventure is at the end of the road, that’s for sure.

Walking, a physical and psychological challenge

At 16 and a half years old, Bryan takes a lucid and mature look at his journey. He candidly recounts his addiction to screens and games consoles, how, at the beginning, during the first hikes"It was going round and round in my head. All I wanted to do was go home and play.

From now on, "even if the physique is not always up to par, I’have the mental strength to get there". During the outing to Caroux, the rain got involved, making the path slippery, and one participant injured her ankle. We had to take a long detour. due to a suddenly impassable waterfall. "There it was really hard" but the group stayed together. "J&amp ;rsquo;I almost lost my temper and lost my temper but I managed to take it upon myself.

This trek to Mount Toubkal, from July 4 to 9, "makes me want to travel, take up the challenge and discover something else&quot ;. To open up other horizons and come back even stronger.

You can help finance this project on the Helloasso website, section "Adages itinerant hike". I subscribe to read more

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