Elon Musk wants to ban iPhones from his companies: why ? The reason will surprise you

Elon Musk wants to ban iPhones from his companies: why ? The reason will surprise you

Le patron de X n'a pas du tout apprécié les annonces d'Apple en matière d'intelligence artificielle. montage midi libre – MAXPPP/UNSPLASH

Billionaire Elon Musk has announced that he plans to ban Apple products from his companies. The boss of X did not at all appreciate Apple's announcements in terms of artificial intelligence.

Apple presented its vision of artificial intelligence this Monday, June 10, 2024. It will be called Apple Intelligence. Siri, the personal assistant of iOS, will also benefit from a redesign and will be able to use ChatGPT, the generative AI of iOS ;#39;OpenAI, if the user gives it permission.

Elon Musk, the boss of X, Tesla and SpaceX, does not appreciate this partnership with a competitor at all. 'If Apple integrates OpenAI at the operating system level, Apple devices will be banned from my companies. This is an unacceptable security violation, he announced on his X account.

"Scary spyware"

"Visitors will need to check in their Apple devices at the gate, where they will be stored in a Faraday cage", he added in another post. A Faraday cage is an enclosure used to block electromagnetic fields.

"I don'want it"

"I don't want it. Either you stop this scary spyware, or all Apple devices will be banned, he reiterated again in the publications of Tim Cook, the boss of Apple, which revealed the new features dedicated to Apple Intelligence, cites BFM.

The billionaire has no real animosity towards the apple brand, recalls Frandroid, but rather against OpenAI, the& #39;ChatGPT editor. Elon Musk is one of the co-founders of OpenAI, but left the company due to disagreements with CEO Sam Altman. He criticized the company for abuses in terms of security.

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