Emergencies: Continuity of care for the future medical antenna is unanimously supported in Lodève

Emergencies: Continuity of care for the future medical antenna is unanimously supported in Lodève

Association, syndicat, élus, personnel et population rassemblés lundi soir devant le CAPS de l’hôpital. ML – ALAIN MENDEZ

Près de 200 personnes se sont rassemblées ce lundi 22 avril, en fin d’après-midi, pour réclamer que le futur service soit ouvert 24 heures sur 24 et 7 jours sur 7.

The transformation of the Reception and Permanent Care Center (CAPS) of the Lodève Hospital Center into an emergency medical antenna attached to the Montpellier University Hospital during the year is unanimously unanimous in Lodève, such as the desire to see this service open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This is what nearly 200 people came to demand this Monday evening at the call of the association For Real Emergencies and the Union Locale CGT.

Closed days due to doctors' faults

"The findings are alarming. Faced with the difficulties encountered in recruiting new doctors, the CAPS closed its doors for 4 days in April, it will also close for several days in May and June, which will leave the population without any emergency reception, summarizes Thierry Gervais, the secretary of the CGT of the hospital, first to speak. And to challenge the Regional Health Agency. "It’is a public utility service, there can be no half-measures. Lodève and its territory, with its specificities, need to have an emergency service that meets its needs." Same story among elected officials.

Satisfaction, claim

"We are all delighted to finally be able to have an emergency medical unit but we are waiting for the terms of application, continues Gaëlle Lévèque, mayor of Lodève and president of the supervisory board of the Hospital, alongside Jean-Luc Requi, president of the Community of Communes and around ten elected officials of Lodévois and Larzac.We will not move from our position. We are fighting for that and we will continue with elected officials to defend the public hospital, but also to expand the healthcare offering in the region."&nbsp ;Health, MP Sébastien Rome (LFI) has also made it one of his priority fights.

Emergencies: Continuity of care for the future medical antenna is unanimously supported in Lodève

The speakers all called for a service that meets needs. ML – ALAIN MENDEZ

"On the first day of my election, I came here, to the Lodève hospital, since then I have never stopped demanding the transformation of the CAPS and together we obtained that Lodève be the first territory to benefit from an emergency medical branch, recalls the parliamentarian. We must continue the fight, we must all be united. It is only through mobilization in the territories that things move."

Staying mobilized, continuing actions like the petition which has collected more than 3,000 signatures, is also the will of the association Pour de Véritables Urgences au CH of Lodève managed by the UL CGT. "The threat of losing continuity 24/7 is real. CAPS is 10,000 visits per year. Will we have to make an appointment to go to the emergency room soon ?" questions Thierry Bousquel in front of demonstrators determined to make common cause on this subject vital for Lodève and Lodévois-Larzac.

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