Emmanuel Macron launched his “memorial journey” in Izieu and on the Glières plateau for the 80th anniversary of the Liberation

Emmanuel Macron launched his “memorial journey” in Izieu and on the Glières plateau for the 80th anniversary of the Liberation

Moment de recueillement pour le chef de l’État, ce dimanche, devant la Maison d’Izieu. EPA POOL – MOHAMMED BADRA/POOL

Les cérémonies relatives au 80e anniversaire de la libération marqueront l’année 2024 du président de la République. Première étape, ce dimanche 7 avril, en Haute-Savoie.

Emmanuel Macron began a memorial marathon in Haute-Savoie on Sunday around the 80th anniversary of the Liberation with a tribute to the "burning hearth of the Resistance" from the Glières plateau, where he had already been five years ago.

The President of the Republic saluted the memory of this sanctuary of "9 000 hectares of free France in the hollow of the peaks"< /em>, evacuated in March 1944 during deadly battles with the German army and the Vichy militia, and whose last survivor, Jean Isaac-Tresca, died a year ago at the  rsquo;age of 104 years. During his five-year term (2007-2012), Nicolas Sarkozy made it a place of annual pilgrimage.

"Live free or die"

"Live free or die : such is our viaticum, yesterday, today and tomorrow, so that the Republic may live and France may live", launched Emmanuel Macron using the motto of the maquisards to conclude his speech in front of the Morette necropolis.

The Head of State was also expected this Sunday in Izieu, in Ain, to pay tribute to the 44 Jewish children arrested, deported and killed at Auschwitz by the Nazis, before ;rsquo;continue with a whole series of commemorations planned throughout the coming months, until that of the liberation of Strasbourg in November.

"Listening and attentive"

Arriving on site, accompanied by Yaël Braun-Pivet, President of the National Assembly, and Sébastien Lecornu, Minister of the Armed Forces, the Head of State was able to speak with the staff of the memorial, and with four former children of Izieu, with whom he was "listening and attentive", according to our colleagues of Progress. Before this dialogue continues, at length, outside the presence of journalists.

At the exit of the Maison d’Izieu, Emmanuel Macron treated himself to a crowd bath, taking part in the game of selfies, and taking part in the game of selfies, particularly with the children and adolescents who never failed to ask for it. Before closing this first stage in the provinces of this memorial journey which will mark its year 2024.

From Vercors to Strasbourg

Because as part of the 80th anniversary of the Liberation, and after the pantheonization of Missak and Mélinée Manouchian celebrated on Wednesday, February 21, and which symbolically marked the kick-off of this roaming of memory, Emmanuel Macron will therefore multiply initiatives and trips.

After those of this weekend, the next one is already planned on the Vercors maquis, in Vassieux-en-Vercors, on Tuesday April 16, to mark the memory of the battles which took place on this site.

Ceremonies linked to the landing, then the liberation of Paris, and finally that of Strasbourg will follow over the months.

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