“Emmanuelle Gazel systematically mocked us”: Christophe Saint-Pierre and his friends from “Millau in action” come out of the woodwork

“Emmanuelle Gazel systematically mocked us”: Christophe Saint-Pierre and his friends from “Millau in action” come out of the woodwork

Christophe Saint-Pierre et les anciens élus d'opposition de “Millau en action” alternent le chaud et, surtout, le froid sur la gestion municipale d'Emmanuelle Gazel. Midi Libre – F.M

Resigning from their seats as opposition municipal councilors last November, the former mayor Christophe Saint-Pierre, surrounded by his friends from "Millau in action", chose to speak again public and media. With strong criticism of the management of Emmanuelle Gazel and her majority.  

In politics, everything – or almost – is a symbol. Thus the choice, by Christophe Saint-Pierre and his elected opposition members of the "Millau in action" resigned last November, from the Millavois bowling to hold their back-to-school press conference this Thursday evening. Like a new kind of bowling game. 

All smiles, not unhappy with the effect, the former mayor first called back, remaining like his friends & quot;an attentive and vigilant citizen. We continue to attend community and municipal councils. But why did you resign ? "Democracy was not expressed there…" More "meeting" than "press point" the exchange has, however, never lost the direction: to take a critical assessment of Emmanuelle Gazel's coming of age. Whether in the City or in the Community of Communes. 

Viaduct 2 and aquatic center

The first two points raised by Christophe Saint-Pierre also concerned two recent decisions by Millau Grand Causses. First the rental permit, voted unanimously on January 29 and which will be effective within six months. "It's a very good tool which marks an important step." Then the sale of lots in the Viaduc 2 activity zone. "With the implication that the predecessors had done nothing! This zone was launched by Guy Durand, then president of the Community of Communes. When I read in the press the remarks of the vice-president (Thierry Perez in charge of economic development of Com com, Editor's note) who is banking on exogenous companies, I I want to remind you that we have strengthened economic aid to local businesses and that we should not lose this objective."     

Then, without fear of getting wet, Christophe Saint-Pierre dove into the issue – thorny and expensive – of the aquatic center. "Emmanuelle Gazel takes a shot at the company in charge of the construction site. But we don't hear the same story coming from the company. It would therefore be desirable for community elected officials to be able to request a hearing of this company."

Political districts of the city: "false good news"

Remainder "the most important point" according to Christophe Saint-Pierre: the announcement, made during of the municipal council of February 15, the classification of the city center and Beauregard in "political districts of the city". For the former mayor "this is fake good news. In 2014 we identified the problem of a dynamic of impoverishment in the city center. But at the beginning of 2015 we learned that the center of Millau was not eligible for the QPV because it had a ratio of average income per household higher than that required by the State. then rolled up our sleeves to fight against degraded co-ownerships and reverse the trend."

The “Millau in action” association in motion for 2026

Claiming 142 members or supporters, the association "Millau in action" has already started to prepare for the municipal campaign of 2026. & Obviously behind the & #39;former mayor Christophe Saint-Pierre. "We held a general meeting in January. We are a force that denounces the policy of Emmanuelle Gazel," says the two co-presidents Flora Gaven and Théo Costes. With seven thematic groups for reflection (sport, culture, developments and living environment, tourist attractiveness, health, etc.) "Millau in action& ;quot;, which is holding a first forum of reflections this Saturday, February 24, also aims to invite speakers. "And we invite all the Millavois à join us!" Contact: Facebook page and email (millauenaction@gmail.com)

With the feeling, too, "that'Emmanuelle Gazel has slowed down on the subject. For example, it took a long time to make a decision on the Sablons islet. There is a real lack of strategy from the current majority on the revitalization of the city center." Christophe Saint-Pierre concluded with what looks like to regrets. "At the start of this mandate we could have found ourselves in synergy with projects. We could have made our contributions. But, very quickly, we realized that this municipality did not have an overall plan. Emmanuelle Gazel systematically mocked us."

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