End of the green car insurance card under the windshield: what does that change for motorists ?

End of the green car insurance card under the windshield: what does that change for motorists ?

La vignette verte relative à l'assurance auto va bientôt disparaitre des pare-brises. GEOFFROY VAN DER HASSELT/AFP

The green card visible on the windshield of a car certifies that it is well insured. However, this little piece of paper will disappear this Monday, April 1st. From now on, insurance checks will be carried out directly from the insured vehicle file, a much more reliable method for identifying fraudsters.

Introduced in the 1950s and made compulsory affixed to the windshield of the vehicle to prove that it is well insured since 1986, the "green card" will disappear this Monday, April 1st. 

Fighting against fraud

The decision to abandon the edition of this sticker dates back to 2021. It is motivated by several reasons, starting with the modernization of the automobile insurance monitoring system. Indeed, a centralized insured vehicle file (FVA) now makes it possible to quickly and reliably verify that a vehicle is properly insured.

This decision also makes it possible to fight against fraud, with some people not hesitating to falsify this sticker. Finally, this decision will make it possible to slightly reduce the environmental impact of automobile insurance.

Auto insurance remains compulsory

The removal of the green sticker will come into force on Monday April 1st. From this date, the authorities will be able to directly query the file of insured vehicles to verify that everything is in order regarding the vehicle's insurance. Since 2019, this file has been supplied by insurance companies. It's obligatory.

As a reminder, this file contains a lot of information. In addition to the vehicle registration number and the name of the insurer, the insurance contract number and its validity period are also shown.

Obviously, taking out insurance remains compulsory for any owner of a car or motorized two-wheeler.

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