Energy savings: expenses linked to public lighting fell from €240,000 to €160,000 in Mende

Energy savings: expenses linked to public lighting fell from €240,000 to €160,000 in Mende

L’éclairage public est géré de manière raisonnée. MIDI LIBRE – DR

Lampes LED et extinction des feux ont permis de faire baisser la facture de la Ville de Mende.

Committed for several years to a policy of reducing the energy consumption of its infrastructures, the City of Mende is continuing its actions on public lighting.

Since 2016, these have made it possible to significantly reduce financial and environmental costs. At that time, the cost of public lighting for the city was 250,000 euros. Since then, various measures have been put in place. Since 2016, old lanterns equipped with sodium or mercury bulbs have been replaced by latest generation lanterns with LED technology. The latter make it possible to reduce consumption by at least 70% as well as maintenance costs.

Since 2017, partial switching off of lighting from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m., from Sunday evening to Saturday morning, helps reduce general electricity consumption. ;public lighting between 15% and 20%.

Towards 100% of LEDs

Despite the increase in the price of electricity, expenditure on public lighting increased from 240,000 euros in 2022 , then to 160,000,000, in 2023.

The city's current lighting system consists of 3 100 light points. 87% have already been equipped with LED bulbs, i.e. 2,710 lamps. In 2024, the municipality will finalize the replacement of 100% of the lanterns, including those in the city center sector, as well as in the hamlets, as part of the work to bury the dry networks, currently in operation. course.

Mende is the first prefecture to have initiated a policy of switching off public lighting from 2017.

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