Entente Nord Lozère wins 6-0 against Cendre and clings to its dream of progress

Entente Nord Lozère wins 6-0 against Cendre and clings to its dream of progress

Souvenir photo for the last match played at home this season. FREE NOON – GEORGES CHASSANG

In Regional 2, the ENL maintains the pressure on US Brioude one day before the end of the championship. The title of champions is still within reach.

The Lozériens largely dominated their opponents and took their revenge after a 3-2 defeat in the first leg. Many spectators made the trip for the last meeting at the home of Saint-Albanais, with the club's sponsors also coming.

For this confrontation, coach Lilian Condon opted for a 3-5-2 formation, an unusual but profitable arrangement for the Énélistes against a very weakened visiting team.  In the first period, the green & nbsp;and white have a monopoly on the ball and open the scoring in the 17th minute through Arthur Brugeron (1-0). The Cendrioux do not touch the ball and the only constructed actions are quickly stopped by the local defense. The Lozerians continue to plan and double, then triple the lead thanks to goals from Pierre Serain (2-0) and Mathis Mazaudier, just before half-time (3-0).< /p>

In 3-5-2

At the start of the second half, the match drops in intensity and neither team really projects forward. You have to wait until the hour mark for the match to restart. Paulin Bigot, who entered at half-time, worsened the score (4-0). In the last ten minutes, the Lozériens scored two goals in quick succession with a goal from Pierre Serain who scored a double (5-0) and Bastien Ruat (6-0).

The referee whistles the end of the match, the Entente Nord Lozère continues to cling to its dream of progress. was only a simple formality for the Énélistes, it will have allowed the coach to rotate his squad at this trying end of the season. Lilian Condon and her men are now looking forward to their last match next weekend at Montluçon. They will also keep an eye on the meeting between Aurillac and Brioude, because in the event of a victory for the ENL and a misstep for the US Brioude, the Lozériens will be crowned champions.

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