Esat Kennedy and its partners imagine the future

Esat Kennedy and its partners imagine the future

The audience attentive to Frédéric Bolo, deputy director.

Very recently, the Establishment and work assistance service (Esat) Ateliers Kennedy organized a round table on the evolution of protected work.

< p>This event brought together professionals from the establishment and representatives of partner companies to discuss the dynamics and benefits of collaboration with companies. Located in the Bouisses district, Esat welcomes 108 workers with disabilities on a daily basis, supported by a team of twenty-seven employees.

As Cécile Sauvin, specialized educator, explains, "our mission revolves around a dual challenge: increasing the skills of users and enabling their reintegration into the mainstream environment."

This evening was an opportunity to highlight the energy of all the teams. This is a force which ensures the balance between support and empowerment through work which is a real professional and training dynamic. Moreover, since 2017, the Ateliers Kennedy have been included in the national system "Different and competent" which allows those welcomed to obtain recognition of acquired experience.

Inclusion and empowerment

The dynamic and committed director Delphine Maurel draws the line: "Our motivation is really focused on the notion of inclusion by promoting the empowerment of the people supported in professions that correspond to them. It is indeed important to promote their skills with a view to entering the job market."

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