Euphytosis: two new batches of herbal anti-stress medication recalled “as a precaution”

Euphytosis: two new batches of herbal anti-stress medication recalled “as a precaution”

Dans les comprimés enrobés de couleur marron, il faut vérifier qu'un cachet bleu ne s'est pas glissé. MAXPPP

After a first recall on Wednesday February 21 following the discovery of an antihistamine in a box of Euphythsus, the pharmaceutical laboratory Bayer is recalling two new batches of its plant-based anti-stress medication.

The national medicines safety agency (ANSM) indicated this Friday, February 23, the recall of two new batches of Euphytose. 

On Wednesday February 21, Bayer laboratories alerted all pharmacies in France after the discovery in a tube of Euphytose, a plant-based medicine which is recommended to combat sleep disorders and against fever. #39;anxiety, a tablet of Phenergan, an antihistamine neuroleptic.

In a tube that is supposed to contain only brown-colored pills, a person found a blue-colored tablet. Some 16,000 boxes have been recalled in order to verify that they do not contain a molecule other than those they are supposed to contain.

"A human error"

The ANSM explains this Friday that "the results of the first investigations carried out after the discovery of a Phenergan tablet in a tube of Euphytose suggest a human error during a step in the manufacturing of these drugs.

Two new batches are recalled "as a precautionary measure" and "no statement has been reported" with them, according to the ANSM. These are batches SX2295 and SX2297, numbers written on the medicine box.

If you have a box of Euphytose belonging to one of the three batches in your medicine cabinet, you are encouraged to bring it back to the pharmacy. If you have ever swallowed – or think you have swallowed – a Phenergan tablet, the authorities advise you to contact a doctor. The main risk is increased drowsiness, indicates the ANSM.

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