Eurocup: BLMA in Turkey to get a makeover in the quarter-final first leg

Eurocup: BLMA in Turkey to get a makeover in the quarter-final first leg

Très en forme en ce moment, Romane Berniès sera déterminante dans le résultat face à Besiktas. Midi Libre – Michael Esdourrubailh

For this Eurocup quarter-final first leg, the Gazelles travel to Besiktas this Thursday (6 p.m.) to continue their fine run.

A goal achieved, with a presence in the quarter-finals, but it doesn’t stop there. The BLMA goes to Istanbul for a promising first round. The Hérault club will want to return from Turkey with a result which will allow them to qualify for the return match at the Palais des sports.

A qualification which could allow the club to get closer to its course in the 2018-2019 season where it reached the Eurocup final, lost to Nadezhda (75-71, 57-75). That year, Lattes-Montpellier had already eliminated an Istanbul club on its route, it was Galatasaray in the round of 16 (64-50, 70-57).

With the presence of Badiane in the stands ? 

And for that, the Lattoises will have to take the example of the majority of their meeting in Lyon despite the defeat (92-74). Carried by Bernies reaching her career points record (27), the Gazelles lasted a little less than three quarters but showed great resistance for their first match without Marième Badiane.

This last game at Fenerbahçe will perhaps be present in the stands to encourage these former teammates in this complicated trip. Beaten by Bourges, seeded number one, in the previous round and fifth in the very tough Turkish championship, Besiktas has one of the best players in the Eurocup with its American leader Dana Evans peaking at 25.1 points on average this season in the cup. of Europe. A new summit for the BLMA in ancient Constantinople.

The BLMA group

Berniès, Jenkins, Touré, Alston, Caetano, Naigre, Brun, Rabot, Zemoura.

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