Eurocup: BLMA logically bows to the Turks of Besiktas and leaves the European competition

Eurocup: BLMA logically bows to the Turks of Besiktas and leaves the European competition

Alisia Jenkins était de retour sur le parquet face à Besiktas. MAXPPP – SYLVIE CAMBON

Pour ce quart de finale retour d'Euroucoupe, les Gazelles ont été dominées par Besiktas (72-75) et doivent dire au revoir à la compétition. 

One minute leads to the score. By almost never being in front of the game, the BLMA logically bowed to Besiktas (72-75) and said goodbye to the Eurocup. The Gazelles undoubtedly came across Istanbulites better armed than them, notably with the talent of the American Evans (17 pts), well supported by Krivacevic's 14 points.

Despite an end to the match where the Palais des Sports believed in a victory for the BLMA when the Hérault club came back to level with Besiktas (69-69, 39th) and even went ahead (72-71 , 39th), Lattes-Montpellier had to lower its arms.

From the first act, BLMA was dominated inside by Besiktas and in particular its Chinese pivot Yueru Li with four offensive rebounds recovered only in the first quarter.

After suffering at the very start of the match (10-22, 6th) and with a game polluted with ball losses (17 in total), Lattes-Montpellier then showed better in the second quarter and got closer to the Turks at half-time (37-43). Unfortunately, it was too little to win and even less to hope to qualify for the last four.

The technical sheet

BLMA: 72


Palais des Sports (Lattes).

Quarter time: 18-26, 19-17, 11-16, 24-16.

Referees: Faur, Binders-Coders, Bongiorni.

BLMA: 28 of 59 shots made, 11 of 12 made free throws, 31 rebounds, 16 assists, 6 steals, 3 blocks, 25 fouls, 17 loose balls.

Zemoura (7 pts), Brun (5), Naigre (13), Alston (11), Jenkins (2), Rabot (11), Touré (8), Linskens (9), Berniès ( 6), Djoko, Traoré.

Besiktas: 21 out of 63 shots made, 26 out of 28 free throws made, 42 rebounds, 15 assists, 11 steals, 5 blocks, 17 fouls, 13 loose balls.

Lazic (9 pts), Evans (17), Bayram (8), Krivacevic (14), Nogic (11), Li (16), Topuzovic, Sonmez, Uzunoglu, Conker.

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