European elections: Claire Fita, candidate of “Awaken Europe”, at the bedside of farmers in Gard

European elections: Claire Fita, candidate of “Awaken Europe”, at the bedside of farmers in Gard

La candidate socialiste Claire Fita est notamment allée à la rencontre des maires et des viticulteurs. Midi Libre – MiKAEL ANISSET

La candidate tarnaise, en 12e position de la liste "Réveiller l’Europe" (PS-Place Publique), menée par Raphaël Glucksmann, était de passage dans le Gard ce mardi 7 mai.

It was a fast-paced day for the current vice-president of the Occitanie Region, in charge of Culture, who traveled to the Gard this Tuesday 7&nbsp ;May, under her hat as a candidate for the European elections, in 12th position on the PS list of Raphaël Glucksmann, with her Gard pair Chloé Ridel.

The "real specificities of Gard"

The main message that Claire Fita wanted to disseminate? The importance of Europe in everyone's daily life. It was first with the farmers that she met, with representatives of the agriculture and winegrowers chamber to discuss "the agricultural crisis affecting Europe,  France and, more particularly, Occitanie". Highlighting the "real specificities of the Gard, with a predominantly wine-producing agriculture", Claire Fita thus put forward a desire to defend a "type of &rsquo ;Mediterranean agriculture on a human scale. We must review the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), subsidize not production, per hectare, but rather employment.

Continuing on the water difficulties experienced by the territory, she pointed out the necessary "adaptation to climate change", by giving priority to water."But the solutions are above all local, close to the specificities of each territory. Let's decentralize the solutions!"

"No more Europe, but better Europe"

From her meeting with the Gard mayors, then her visit to Ufolep, Claire Fita concluded with an idea claimed by her list "Wake up Europe’ quot; : "We want more Europe, but better Europe. Europe is still essential today, but we must make it evolve. Europe must protect our peace, our environment, form ecological protectionism. We want a massive investment plan for the CAP, support for climate change, regulation of energy prices, but also the establishment of a rail Airbus." A whole program, which the original Tarnaise will endeavor to defend until June 9.

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