European elections: how to register your proxy online to vote ?

European elections: how to register your proxy online to vote ?

Il est désormais possible d'enregistrer sa procuration via une plateforme en ligne dédiée. damircudic/Getty Images

On the occasion of the European elections, which will take place in France on Sunday June 9, 2024, the proxy voting procedure has been simplified.

From now on, it will be possible to register it online via a new dedicated platform, without having to go to a police station. But be careful, not everyone will be able to benefit from it.

Digital identity is necessary

To benefit from this new service, you must first think about recovering either the voter number and the date of birth, or all the civil status data of the person who should benefit from this new service. proxy. From then on, you can make your proxy request online on the dedicated platform:

Please note, before you get started, you must be able to authenticate with a France Idêtes certified digital identity.

To obtain this certification, you must already have a France Identity digital identity, but also a national biometric identity card, with its chip and its QR Code.

A quick procedure

You must then initiate a request for certification of your digital identity from your France Identity application. After connecting your identity card using NFC, the application generates a unique QR Code which you will then need to show and validate at the town hall.

This procedure allows you to confirm, once and for all, that you are the legitimate holder of the identity card attached to this digital identity.

The proxy request procedure is then very quick to complete. An e-mail will confirm that the process has been accepted.

If you do not go through this new dedicated site, you can continue to register your power of attorney with the police, the gendarmerie or the judicial court.

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