European elections: in Montpellier and elsewhere, Young Europeans are already committed to June 9

European elections: in Montpellier and elsewhere, Young Europeans are already committed to June 9

European elections: in Montpellier and elsewhere, Young Europeans are already committed to June 9

Barbara Derathé, présidente des Jeunes européens de Montpellier. – B.D.

La création d’une section locale de l’association, qui sera présidée par l’artiste lyrique Barbara Derathé, souligne également la mobilisation enclenchée avant le rendez-vous électoral.

Born at the very beginning of the 1990s, " the yardstick of the Maastricht referendum campaign", the association of Young Europeans works "in favor of political integration of Europe".

A revived local section

A wish shared in all the countries where they are represented, in France in particular, where, as they present themselves, they have successively mobilized for"the yes vote in the 2005 referendum, European military service, the enlargement and deepening of the European Union and each of the European election campaigns since 1999".

The vote on Sunday June 9 will of course not escape this rule, and the members of the association are already getting active. In Montpellier in particular, where a local section has just been revived after being dormant since 2019.
A local section which was carried to the baptismal font last Friday March 8.

Young people aged 16 to 35

On the occasion of a launch evening organized at the Hôtel de la Métropole in Montpellier, in the presence, in particular, of the mayor and president of the Métropole Michaël Delafosse, and the MEP ( Renaissance) from Hérault Irène Tolleret. On the agenda, a round table on the subject of women's rights in Europe, March 8, and the election of the president of this Montpellier section.

Or Barbara Derathé, opera singer, soprano, with a very committed civic spirit and a pronounced Europhile tropism.
Which obviously made him agree to accept this charge: "At the Young Europeans, we have no political label, we are aged from 16 to 35 years old, I am 33, I will only serve one mandate, and in the Montpellier section, half are students, the other are young professionals"  she details.

"We want to go where we don't usually go"

"And we want to prioritize first-time voters in this election. We have to go to people anyway, to listen to them, rather than demonizing those who vote on the extreme right, for example. It’s often, I think, a vote of no confidence from people who don’t feel listened to. And what if we also make them feel guilty…" she confided to us again at the end of last week.

"Raising awareness about Europe"

Hence the idea of ​​multiplying initiatives, on the basis of what remains "the vocation of Young Europeans: to raise awareness of the& rsquo;Europe and promote citizenship and European democracy in order to move towards a more united and more united Europe".

By going, therefore, to carry their message "where we don't usually go, in an agricultural high school, in a hotel high school, for a European dinner debate with three candidates from various lists running for the elections, doing a simulation of ;rsquo;a day at the European Parliament, in a class, with first year students and final year high school students".

"An exhibition on the great women who made Europe"

Initiatives on social networks, or as part of an "artistic and visual action", or "an exhibition on the great women who made Europe" are also under consideration.< /p>

Because, she insisted "I feel European, and I have the impression that, sometimes, people don't really give in take into account the importance of the EU, what it participates in, what it finances, the role it plays in their lives" .

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