European elections: Jordan Bardella comes first in the thirteen departments of Occitanie

European elections: Jordan Bardella comes first in the thirteen departments of Occitanie

Jordan Bardella campaigning in Grau-de-Roi is doing better in Occitanie than nationally. Free Midi – ALEXANDRE DIMOU

According to the first estimates and pending the results from Toulouse and Montpellier, the RN candidate comes very far in the lead (33.5%), ahead of Raphaël Glucksmann (15%). In third position, Valérie Hayer's list is quite far behind at 12%.

Election results

In 2019 there remained three Occitan departments to resist the wave of the National Rally: Lot, Aveyron and Haute-Garonne. During the previous election, candidate Nathalie Loiseau succeeded in limiting the omnipotence of the RN. This time it's almost a certainty, Jordan Bardella makes the grand slam in the 13 Occitan departments.

Out of nearly a million ballots counted in Occitania, the RN candidate comes well ahead with nearly 35% of the votes. But the cities of Toulouse and Montpellier, still being counted, were expected to lower the candidate slightly. Around 33.5%, according to our projections.

The Aubry list awaiting the count in Toulouse and Montpellier

In second position, we expected the list of Valérie Hayer, from the presidential majority, but a priori, it should be preceded by the list of the socialist candidate of Raphaël Glucksmann. Enough to delight the president of the Region, Carole Delga who campaigned extensively for the representative of Place publique.

In fourth position, Manon Aubry's list achieves roughly the same score as at the national level, closely followed, for the moment, by Marion Maréchal's list (Reconquête& ;nbsp;!) which was also supposed to decline a little once the counting of the large cities was carried out.

Good score from Jean Lassalle

In Occitanie, Marie Toussaint is not in a position to have elected representatives and remains below the fateful bar of 5%, followed very closely by Jean Lassalle's list (Rural Alliance) which achieves a very good score, around 3.5%, one point above the national level.

Good score also for the enemies, the list of Hélène Thouy (Animalist Party) which should approach 2% and follow on the heels of the communists around 2.8%, according to the first estimates.

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