European elections: the RN score, a thunderclap in Aveyron, a real outbreak throughout Lozère

European elections: the RN score, a thunderclap in Aveyron, a real outbreak throughout Lozère

Même ici à Rodez, le RN arrive en tête des suffrages. Centre presse

Long considered as bulwarks against the RN, the most rural departments have now aligned themselves with the national trend. Aveyron was one of only three departments in Occitanie to place LREM in the lead during the 2019 Europeans.

For the first time in its long political life, Aveyron is no longer electorally resisting the National Rally. During the 2019 European elections, this department was one of three in Occitanie, along with Tarn and Haute-Garonne, to place LREM in the lead. But this June 9 election is a real bolt from the blue: the RN comes out on top by a wide margin, with a score of more than 28% of the vote, almost double that of Valérie Hayer. In 2019, LREM came out on top with 24% of the vote, 5 points ahead of Jordan Bardella's list.

A clear success for the far right

This result is a real success for the far right, since the RN's score is added to the more than 5% of the vote won by the list led by Marion Maréchal. The RN came out on top in Rodez (22%), ahead of the PS at 20% and Valérie Hayer's list at 18%. But he also won in Millau (28%), Saint-Affrique (25%) and Séverac l’Aveyron (26%) where he had already come out on top in 2019.
Scores that were undeniable, especially since participation was high with nearly 60%.

Glucksmann and Hayer far behind

The list of Valérie Hayer, in the lead with 24% in 2019, is struggling to reach 15% and is overtaken by a short head by that of Raphaël Glucksmann (15.7%).  A very strong increase for the candidate supported by the Socialist Party, who barely reached 7% of the vote in 2019 and who thus doubles his electoral score.

Jean Lassalle's good score

Also note the good score of Jean Lassalle, who comes fourth with 8.05% of the vote, in this department sensitive to issues linked to rurality. He is ahead of the LR list led by François-Xavier Bellamy, which has 7.44% of the votes, losing at least two points out of 2,019.
Marion Aubry's France Insoumise stands at 6.21% of the vote, down one point from 2019, while the ecologists of Marie Toussaint do not seem to exceed this threshold, 5%, with 4.7% of the vote.

European elections: the RN score, a thunderclap in Aveyron, a real outbreak throughout Lozère

The results in the largest cities of the two departments. FREE NOON

+10%: the RN is also soaring in Lozère

The national surge of the RN also strongly marked Lozère this Sunday, where the list led by Jordan Bardella comes well ahead, with almost 32% of the votes, or 10 points more than during the last European elections of 2019 . A score all the more important as the department voted very widely, with a participation of more than 60%, and the list led by Marion Maréchal also exceeded 5% (5 .41%).
The RN is in the lead in the largest towns in the department, in Mende (28.8%, ahead of the PS at 20%), in Marvejols (31.8%), in Saint-Chély-d’Apcher ( 34 %), and displays a record score in Langogne (37.8 %).
In Florac, on the other hand, Raphaël Glucksmann's list won by a very narrow margin, with seven votes ahead of the RN (20.59% against 19.76%).

A lone rider far ahead of all the others

This lone rider in Lozère is all the more remarkable as he leaves the other lists far behind. That led by Raphaël Glucksmann for the PS is close to 15% (14.45%), an almost doubling of his 2019 score.
Valérie Hayer's list collapses, with barely 12% of the votes, while LREM was at 19% in 2019, barely three points behind Jordan's Bardella.
Here again, Jean Lassalle's list has a very strong score, with 7.9% of the votes, and follows that of LR François-Xavier Bellamy, which barely exceeds 8% of the votes, a decline of almost five points. on his 2019 score.

The collapse of environmentalists

Marion Aubry with France Insoumise peaks at around 6% of the votes, a score similar to that of 2019.
The ecologists of Marie Toussaint do not exceed 5% of the votes, which represents a real collapse: the EELV list came fourth in the European elections in Lozère in 2019, with more than 12% of the votes.

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