Even if it took a long time, the MHB largely beat Cesson-Rennes and can calmly think about the trip to Kiel

Even if it took a long time, the MHB largely beat Cesson-Rennes and can calmly think about the trip to Kiel

Just like Lucas Pellas on the other left wing, Yanis Lenne was very good on Saturday. MAXPPP – JEAN MICHEL MART

The MHB did not fall into the trap by beating Cesson-Rennes (37-29), Saturday April 27 during the 26th day of Starligue at the FDI Stadium, and can calmly move on to its League match. champions against Kiel on Thursday in Germany.

In a season as dense in matches as in emotions, it is sometimes necessary to refrain from being choosy with the MHB. As when receiving the painful Cesson-Rennes team, three days after walking on water against Kiel during a Homeric quarter-final first leg of the Champions League (39-30) .

Indeed, everything was a little more complicated for Valentin Porte's teammates this Saturday. In all areas of the game, the latter were below their level for at least a good 40 minutes (24-24, 43rd).

But Patrice Canayer's men had the merit of not giving up on the Bretons led by the fiery duo Mathéo Briffe (23 years old) – Michal Baran (19 years old and not yet pro). To better explode the Bretillians and stick to the pace of Nantes probably too far away to be caught in second place in the championship.

Starligue: the ranking and all the results of the 26th day

"We're still here, four days from the end"

"When we see the results of Cesson, it’is not a bad performance, analyzed Patrice Canayer after the encounter. This is their biggest defeat in a few matches, so that means we did the job well, I think. I suspected that it would be a little more difficult to light. Not everything was perfect but overall, the players did what was expected."

"We are still here, with four days to go, we will continue to put pressure on Nantes. They are doing well at the moment, they are holding up well. But we will continue to put pressure on them, he continued.

Pellas past perfect

Saturday evening, the future ex-MHB coach had chosen – or was forced – to leave starters on the bench at the start of the match such as captain Valentin Porte, Yanis Lenne and Lucas Pellas, Diego Simonet or even Rémi Desbonnet.

Despite the vista of a Stas Skube as conductor, the MHB had all the difficulty in the world to match with Cesson-Rennes in the first period, especially defensively (16-16 , 30th), whereas that was their strength against Kiel on Wednesday evening.

The entry of the potential starters from the start of the second period took a little time to have its effect. But the insolent efficiency of wingers Lenne (5 goals) and Pellas (10 goals), the dynamism put in by Porte and Desbonnet and the enthusiasm of Kylian Prat were more than enough to think about Kiel and serious things.< /p> I subscribe to read more

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