Fabienne Cristol-Nuel, interior designer and profound artist

Fabienne Cristol-Nuel, interior designer and profound artist

Fabienne Cristol-Nuel “amène toujours [sa] touche personnelle”. Midi Libre

La Mendoise travaille avec de nombreux artisans pour réaliser des espaces entièrement personnalisés. Elle réalise aussi de grands panneaux décoratifs qu’elle intègre à ses créations. Portrait.

When you decide to decorate your house or apartment, you do more or less extensive research on the internet or in catalogs. The result is, in general, satisfactory. But we can also turn to professionals, who can direct choices towards things that we would not have thought of, for a completely different and often better result. This is the lovely job that Fabienne Cristol-Nuel does.

"When I was 9 years old, Santa Claus brought me canvases, an easel and paints at home ;oil. That’s how I started associating colors, she remembers.I have always loved art, music, exhibitions and opera. The shimmer of materials, the association of colors, it’s innate. It's part of me. When I'm in nature, I can't help but differentiate the different greens throughout the seasons. I do it all the time wherever I am, it bubbles up all the time. I am always alert to associate colors and shapes."

Fabienne Cristol-Nuel, after raising her four children, decided to work and, therefore, to exploit this artistic side to develop it. She went to Paris for nine months to follow training. "I spent fifteen days in Paris and the other fifteen days, I worked at home."

"When I meet a client, I study them"

After this apprenticeship, she became an interior decorator, layout and space arrangement."Once settled in Mende, we had to work. It was complicated without a network. I discovered the world of crafts and met artisans with whom I can enrich my knowledge. When I meet a client, I study them. I try to feel what he wants by asking lots of questions. I examine his interior decor to see what he likes. When someone asks me for something, I go beyond what the client wants. I like the color scheme, not flashy, but bright and not aggressive."

With this information, Fabienne Cristol-Nuel thinks, looks for the different elements and materials that will make up the project. "I always bring my touch personal, adding the object that the customer would not have imagined." Once the project has been validated, she meets the craftsmen who will carry out the project: painter, plasterer, electrician, painter, tiler, carpenter, upholsterer, seamstress and others, if necessary. rsquo;actually felt. "A successful project is when the client tells me it’s beautiful, I feel good about it and it suits me."

Fabienne Cristol-Nuel has decorated boutiques and hotels in the region, including a Michelin-starred one in Cantal, as well as in Mende, at l  rsquo;intercommunal tourist office, in a beauty salon, a restaurant, a café and a store.

Fabienne Cristol-Nuel has expanded her activity. She creates large decorative panels on Dibond® (aluminum composite panel) painted which it integrates into its decoration, for a very original result. "My ideas pushed me to create these paintings, I continue to create."

Fabienne Cristol-Nuel, 15 rue du Pré-Claux, 06 07 88 50 74. I subscribe to read more

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