Fabrice Créon is the new director of Béziers – Cap d’Agde airport

Fabrice Créon is the new director of Béziers – Cap d’Agde airport

Fabrice Créon est le nouveau directeur de l’aéroport Béziers-Cap-d’Agde. J.-P A. – Midi Libre

Fabrice Créon vient de prendre ses fonctions de directeur de l’aéroport Béziers – cap d’Agde. Il arrive de Limoge après être passé par l’aéroport de Toulon Hyères.

Fabrice Créon is the new director of Béziers airport – Cap d’Agde. He arrives after several years spent at the Limoge airport joint union and had previously managed Toulon Hyères airport. "I am attached to the south of France. This is a synthesis of my two previous professional experiences, explains Fabrice Créon. It was an opportunity to seize, so I applied for a new experience and thus found an operational role that I really missed. There are only three airports which have adopted this type of operation in France with Biarritz and La Rochelle. Béziers has this dual role of managing the mixed union and the airport."

Break the 2023 record

Fabrice Créon thus replaces Isabelle Roumagnou who has exercised her retirement rights. Just arrived, it shows the color. Do better than last year. That is to say, breaking the record of 273,000 passengers passing through Béziers – Cap d’Agde, 86% of whom are foreigners who live in Hérault. All this generates a north-south market which benefits the Hérault region.

"It’is a completely achievable objective and we can target 280 000 passengers for 2024. But I’s not coming up with line installation projects because that doesn’ It’s not done like that. Already, the first four months suggest an identical volume. We are even making slight progress. And this, even though we had eight fewer flights last April. It must be emphasized that the airport is a real base. A huge tourist gateway. We have ten lines in operation which have a occupancy rate of more than 80%. This is substantial and a sign of great local attractiveness."

As conductor

Béziers Cap d’Agde airport can accommodate three planes, at the same time, which make 25 minutes of stopovers to disembark and embark passengers. And on site, we are not prohibited from welcoming other flights, or other companies, if they were to show up. Fabrice Créon presents himself as the conductor of the airport. He must make many trades work together and must also adapt the tempo of arrivals and departures on a score which is adjusted according to the opening hours of the control tower.

"In this time frame, it is entirely feasible to add destinations in full agreement with the union's board of directors who manages the structure. You don’t open a line with a snap of your fingers. All this is in preparation, but it can also sometimes happen very quickly."

Philippe Vidal, the president of the joint union, confirms this: "Last year, Ryanair assured us that the airline to Shannon (Ireland) would be a success and that we had to go there. We decided to follow the company and within a few days everything was in place. Shannon was immediately a real success which is confirmed again this year and this in both directions."

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