Facing the Normandes du Havre, the MHSC, fourth with one point ahead of Reims, can make the hole

Facing the Normandes du Havre, the MHSC, fourth with one point ahead of Reims, can make the hole

la meilleure buteuse Faustine Robert devra s'employer pour faire plier la défense havraise. Midi Libre – JEAN-MICHEL MART

D1 féminine (17e journée). Montpellier se déplace au Havre ce dimanche avec l'espoir de conforter sa place dans le premier carré.

Eighth overall with fifteen points, ten lengths behind Montpellier Hérault, Le Havre is certainly worth more than this gap. Especially since the Normand club received a sanction and a withdrawal of two points last month from the FFF, for having fielded a suspended player. Which of course does not suit the MHSC since it was Fleury who recovered the two points, coming back on his heels.

Le Havre shook Paris FC

The loss of the Ile-de-France this Friday evening on the lawn of Olympique Lyonnais (4-0) however opens up prospects “of’escape” for the Montpellier women who have the opportunity in the event of victory on Normandy soil to regain their five lengths lead, four over Reims which took advantage of its success on Saturday against Lille (3-1) to climb to 5th place. Also to follow after the successes in Reims and against Bordeaux, at the beginning of March, even if everything was not perfect (2-1). "We had to work hard, we needed a bench with starters who brought physical and mental freshness but we also have to know, when we are a little less well, to win matches, explains Yannick Chandioux. We didn't have a good match in the first leg and we didn't win it! This is a form of improvement. I expect better, that’s for sure. But the group didn't give up and when we don't give up, we move forward!"

A first square to consolidate

This will be the goal again in Le Havre, "which also bothered us in the first leg (2-1), continues the Hérault coach . It’s a good team with individuals and a good collective. They score almost in every match which means that we will have to be solid, defend well. Reproduce what we achieved well in Reims during our last trip, but it's going to be another match, another context".
Last week, in a late match at Bondoufle, in the den of Paris FC (3rd), Le Havre led 2-0 before suffering a hat-trick from Parisian striker Ribadeira in the last half -hour. This means that beyond the general, they have a collective that should not be taken lightly.

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