Families celebrate great-grandchildren

Families celebrate great-grandchildren

The families were celebrated at the Méridienne residence.

On Saturday May 25 afternoon, the Méridienne residence, a nursing home, organized a festive day for the 22nd edition of the great-grandchildren and great-grandnephews' party. Since 2005, the residence team, around its director Christine Ringeval, has worked hard to ensure that, during this intergenerational meeting, all families come together around their elders.

"The goal of this day is to allow residents to welcome their families into their living space, do things and have fun. Our oldest is 104 years old and the youngest of our guests is barely 3 months old. I would like to thank the entire team for organizing this gourmet snack and the families for their presence."

The theme of this year's party was 'jungle'. and it was the members of the team, disguised and made up, who welcomed young and old.

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