Farmers' demonstration this Monday, June 3: very serious disruptions expected on the roads of Occitanie

The A9 motorway will be cut off to traffic near the Spanish border. Same for the A63 in the South-West

Is this Act 2 of the agricultural anger? ? Difficult to say. In any case, farmers are back at it this Monday, June 3. Both on the French and Spanish sides. Jérôme Bayle, leader of the peasant struggle, explains that “the idea of ​​uniting to have weight at the European level has been imposed where things are really at stake. Even though there are specificities on each side of the border, we encounter the same problems, particularly with regard to the cost of energy".

A way to apply pressure one week before the European elections: "There are too many distortions of competition between European countries. We are also calling for the same energy pricing. This standardization is absolutely necessary to save our agriculture. It is also about establishing common standards", recalls the peasant media.

Avoid the A9 towards Spain

According to farmers, the difference in regulations, particularly around pesticides, is at the heart of their anger and neither governments nor Europe have resolved the problem raised during the major demonstrations at the beginning of the year.

Recommendations for users of the A9

The following measures will be put in place on the A9 motorway towards Spain:
– Mandatory exit for light vehicles and entry prohibited for all vehicles at Leucate (n°40)
– Mandatory exit and entry prohibited for all vehicles at Perpignan Nord (n°41)
– Mandatory exit and entry prohibited for all vehicles at Perpignan Sud (n°42)
– Mandatory exit and entry prohibited for all vehicles at all vehicles in Le Boulou (n°43)

Towards Narbonne:
– Mandatory exit and entry prohibited for all vehicles in Le Boulou (n°43)
– Mandatory parking for all heavy goods vehicles between Leucate (n°40) and Le Boulou (n°43)

Summary: Very serious traffic disruptions are expected on the A9 and the A63, as confirmed in a press release from Vinci Autoroutes. If traffic management measures were put in place by the prefectural authorities over the weekend, Vinci "strongly recommends avoiding travel on A63 and A9 towards Spain" from 7 this Monday June 3 

Blocking actions announced

The A9 will be cut off to traffic for all vehicles and the A63 (Bordeaux side towards Spain) will be cut off to traffic for weights heavy on the Spanish border. Blocking actions are announced on the A9 in Le Perthus, on the D66 near Bourg-Madame in the Pyrénées-Orientales, on the N125 in Haute- Garonne (31), the D173 in the Hautes-Pyrénées (65). In the south-west zone, action is also planned on the A63 at Biriatou.

To show their anger, filter barriers will be organized near the Spanish border. A priori, the idea of ​​occupying the roads beyond 24 hours is excluded, but nothing says that the protest movement will not continue.

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