Fencing: the SEN, this long quiet river

Fencing: the SEN, this long quiet river

The Nîmes M20s Duchene, Giorgi, Mumenthaler and Bellière were crowned vice-champions of France N1.

Fencing: the SEN, this long quiet river

Fencing: the SEN, this long quiet river

Agée de seulement 15 ans, Justine Fabre est pourtant devenue championne de France en M17.

Saison après saison, le club nîmois confirme sa qualité et sa suprématie nationale en jeunes.

Spring is often bright at the Société d’escrime de Nîmes (SEN), a club created in 1883 and with 160 members. ''I've had this group for six years, since the U15s. Today, we are one of the best clubs in France with this generation, it’s crazy…hellip;'' Words from Hervé Giorgi, junior international in his early youth, current fencing master and sports director of the Gard club.
This group: Noam Duchene, Gauthier Giorgi, Colllin Mumenthaler, Arthur Bellière among the boys; Justine Fabre, M15, for girls. ''Justine, she’s a little nugget'', slips Giorgi, the latter being upgraded to the French U17 team.
In recent weeks, all these beautiful people have raged, sword in hand, during the four different French championships, the high point of the season. ''We brought back eight medals'', relishes Hervé Giorgi.

Justine Fabre, like a grown-up

On the slopes of Douai, the M17s (Thonon-Derouet, Protcheshire, Duchene, Audouy) touched the final, stopped … one touch in the half, beaten 45-44 and 3rd of these “France” N1.
''All the finals lost were lost by a touch, regrets the Nîmes leader. In the individual event, Noam, who won all the national circuits during the season, lost 15-14 in the semi before winning the small final and finishing 3rd.'' On the box, but two steps higher and with a gold medal around her neck, Justine Fabre also climbed there, in M17 N2.

If, on May 11 and 12, the red wave swept through the North, it spread to Normandy the following weekend. In Le Havre, the M20s (Duchene, Giorgi, Mumenthaler, Belliere) were crowned vice-champions of France Élite N1.

Direction INSEP for Gauthier Giorgi and Noam Duchene

''Last season, we were individual French champions and French team champions. This year, we placed 2nd twice, Hervé Giorgi is still satisfied, whose son, Gauthier, brought home a silver medal individually, failing, there too, to a touch of the title (15-14). The M20 girls team, coached by Enzo Giorgi, international tricolor disabled sport, stopped in the quarter-finals.
It was in the South, at Castelnau-le-Lez, that the Nîmes struck their last blow, at the beginning of June. In Hérault, Gauthier Giorgi, on the verge of diving into the senior world, finished 3rd in “France” N2. At 20 years old, the Nîmes will also discover INSEP, in Paris, in September, accompanied by Noam Duchene. ''These will be the first two in the six years that I’ve had this group'', concludes, proudly, Hervé Giorgi.

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