Fight against climate change: the Regional Audit Chamber highlights the inadequacies of the City and Metropolis of Montpellier

Fight against climate change: the Regional Audit Chamber highlights the inadequacies of the City and Metropolis of Montpellier

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A report on Montpellier's adaptation to climate change was made public this Wednesday, April 24. He points out "delays" and "incomplete monitoring" given the challenges of global warming. 

This is a report of just under 50 pages which could cause quite a stir. The Regional Chamber of Auditors has looked into the action of the City and the Metropolis in the fight against climate change since the 2018 financial year. That is, two years under the Saurel mandate then that of Michaël Delafosse. This document, which is structured around three points, underlines the proactive approach but points out inadequacies. 

Strategic documents delayed

Despite the numerous actions undertaken, the institution mentions "the delayed or even incomplete implementation of strategic documents in the fight against climate change and their monitoring is incomplete.

If the Chamber recognizes that "the two successive executives have given the subject an important place", she notes that "its operational monitoring remains imperfect to date and is made complex by the joint management provided by numerous directorates".  In this case, the territorial and solidarity climate air energy plan. 

Another document studied: the local intercommunal-climate urban planning plan. Although it includes "numerous actions in favor of adaptation to climate change", it is still not finalized! Started in 2015, Pluic is supposed to be adopted by the end of the year. The chamber points to a discrepancy between "the objectives presented to elected officials in June 2023 and those of the ecological transition law in terms of soil artificialization".&nbsp ;

The "voluntarist approach"  of the Metropolis is however recognized in terms of & ;quot;protection of plant heritage, identification of permeable spaces, planting of trees and establishment of rainfed zoning. 

Urban heat islands not well enough identified

The report examines the city's greening strategy through the 50,000 trees operation. "A strong area of ​​intervention" certainly, but heat islands not sufficiently well identified and a "high cost over the long term in operation and investment of a planting program in relation to natural regeneration. Initiatives such as revegetation vouchers, the committee of the tree, allotment gardens are highlighted but balanced by their "lack of normative character".

The adaptation of the urban center and major projects

The Chamber finally looks at the major projects underway in emblematic squares, including Comédie and Esplanade. There is talk of eight elm trees and the revegetation of the square at an estimated cost of 2.2 million euros. However, "the shade that should be provided will be less than initially hoped". 

The Chamber recommends the establishment of a "regular monitoring of the indicators of the Climate Plan, the deployment of a revegetation based on knowledge of heat islands and the definition of tree planting and maintenance programs after identification of the operating costs involved." 

The Metropolis displays its voluntarism and defends its actions

In their joint response, the two communities defend their "voluntarism" through their actions< em> "without waiting for the roadmap of the Climate Plan built in consultation". The Metropolis announces that &quot ;the Rain is a prerequisite for the revision of the Scot" and recalls its commitment to the European Cit'ergie and Valorada labels and projects to obtain data manipulation tools and guide public policies. They still highlight  the "management and steering bodies" implemented in the climate plan, a first green budget in the initial budget, and respond to criticism in particular on the management of rainwater and fountains. 

A more complete file to come

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