First edition of the Trail of Mysteries, an enigma hike in the heart of Margeride, in Lozère

First edition of the Trail of Mysteries, an enigma hike in the heart of Margeride, in Lozère

First edition of the Trail of Mysteries, an enigma hike in the heart of Margeride, in Lozère

Chaque personne était munie d'un carnet à énigmes à résoudre en chemin.

Fifty-three people gathered around an enigma hike between the Baraque des Bouviers and the Margeride European bison reserve. A day to discover these Lozère tourist sites in a different way.

An unprecedented day took place last weekend on the Margeride. The first edition of the enigma hike the Trail of Mysteries, organized by Céline Chabalier, responsible for communication and development of the Selo Lozère territory, Sandrine Serret, responsible for the bison reserve of Europe de la Margeride, and Manon Hallouin, manager of the holiday village and the Bouviers outdoor resort. 

This unique hike brought together around fifty people, parents and children, on Saturday June 15, under beautiful sunshine. Tourists coming to take a breath of fresh air in Lozère but also locals coming from northern Lozère and its surroundings. "Given the weather forecast, we didn't necessarily expect so many people, but ultimately the weather was good “, confides cheerfully Céline Chabalier.

A puzzle notebook

On the program: breakfast at the Baraque des Bouviers before continuing on an 8 km hike in the middle of the Margeride forest. A notebook was given to each participant who had to answer various riddles scattered throughout the route linking the Bouviers and the European bison reserve to Sainte-Eulalie.

After solving the puzzles and discovering the mystery word, a draw was held at the finish of the path to choose three winners. Among the prizes, entries to the Gévaudan wolf park, a night at Les Châtaigniers du lac and entries to the thermal center of Bagnols-les-Bains.

Revitalization of tourist sites

But the day didn’t stop there for the walkers. After the effort, the comfort, with an arrival at the bison reserve surrounded by music, a friendly moment around a spit-roasted ham prepared for you. occasion. Time for a carriage ride to meet the bison for the volunteers and a shuttle takes care of the return. For the more adventurous, there was the possibility of making a loop to complete the hike to the Baraque des Bouviers.

This event was organized with the aim of revitalizing or promoting Lozère tourist sites. It also made it possible to create a link and highlight two nearby places in one single day. "Everything went very well, underlines Céline Chabalier. People were happy, we had smiles, that’s the main thing. The objective was achieved." Given the feedback, we can therefore expect a second edition. It remains to be seen when and where, because Lozère is full of exceptional sites to discover.

For those who are late, don't worry, the activities carried out (hiking, ham on the spit, horse-drawn carriage ride, etc.) during the day will be available throughout the day. ;rsquo;summer.

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