Fise Montpellier: 3×3 basketball makes its appearance on the program by entering through the front door

Fise Montpellier: 3x3 basketball makes its appearance on the program by entering through the front door

Le 3×3 la grande nouveauté du Fise 2024. Midi Libre – Dorian Cayuela

On Place Georges-Frêche, 3×3 tournaments continue in front of an audience won over by the presence at the festival of team sport which has become an Olympic discipline.

This is the big novelty of the festival. In front of the doors of the Town Hall, a little hidden by the Spine ramp, a half-basketball court is installed. For the first time, 3×3, an Olympic discipline, appears on the Fise Montpellier program. A small revolution. "We are increasing the number of events to promote the discipline on the sidelines of Paris 2024, explains Jean-Patrick Gaspard, responsible for 3×3 at the Hérault Basketball Committee. The opportunity arose to enter Fise since the organizers wanted to integrate a team sport into an outdoor urban style."

"Very nice basketball"

This Thursday, young local players from the U16 category inaugurated 3×3 basketball during the Montpellier event. Friday for the women and Saturday for the men, it's the turn of the adults to take to the field under the windows of Mayor Mickaël Delafosse. "Teams come from all over France, from Lille, from Grenoble, from Pau, from Paris, continues Jean-Patrick Gaspard. For the occasion, Fise has made available prize money distributed equitably between men and women for the first four teams in each tournament. We're going to see some great basketball over the next two days."

Departmental basketball players hope that 3×3 basketball will become an important event for Fise Montpellier. "The discipline is booming, we realize that we have more and more practitioners, notes Gaspard. Fise offers us extraordinary visibility to develop this practice. In this sense, we thank the organizers for the confidence offered."

From Friday morning, the public will be able to discover this Olympic sport for free: "There will be high-level teams with, for example, players referenced on the national plan in 3×3 basketball, promises Charline Servage, employee of the Committee and player of Nationale 2 with Mauguio who could well put on the sneakers to participate in the party.

Program: women's tournament, Friday from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.; men's tournament, Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. I subscribe to read more

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