FISE ready to welcome the crowds, a Guardian Angel for Belem, success of the Roman Days: the essential news in the region

FISE ready to welcome the crowds, a Guardian Angel for Belem, success of the Roman Days: the essential news in the region

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Success announced for the extreme sports festival

#MONTPELLIER. The International Extreme Sports Festival opens its doors to the public this Wednesday, May 8 until Sunday on the banks of the Lez. This year, entry will be charged for the first time but attendance figures look good, with more than 70,000 tickets having already been sold.

The event is the scene of world events in various disciplines such as parkour, roller skating or even a scooter World Cup for the first time in Fise. The best athletes in these urban sports come to compete, including those who will represent France at the Paris Olympics. All around the sports infrastructures, a village of stands of all kinds is set up on the banks of the Lez. The Fise Montpellier is also an opportunity to try out the emblematic disciplines of the festival for free, supervised by professionals, and to spend wild evenings.

Very positive results for the Roman Days

#NÎMES. New success for the Roman Days with people all over town, at the arenas, the Fontaine gardens or the Musée de la Romanité. In the arenas, the show Germanicus and the Barbarian Anger was sold out on Saturday with 11,300 spectators and almost sold out on Sunday with 10,300.

The Friday performance, with uncertain weather, brought together 5,700 people. "It’is a new great popular success", welcomes Frédéric Pastor, deputy for the festivities.

The Guardian Angel alongside Belem in Marseille

#AGDE. The historic ship, the three-masted L’Ange Gardien, will accompany the arrival of the flame Olympic Games by escorting Le Belem off the coast of Marseille. He left Agde on Saturday morning heading for Marseille, with a stopover in Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer.

The beautiful yellow and black ship has been invited to take part in the grand parade which will accompany the arrival of the Olympic flame this Wednesday, May 8, like a thousand other historic boats. The delivery to Bouches-du-Rhône was not easy due to the turbulent weather."An intense spin" can be read on the crew’s Facebook page.

The number of the day: 52

#OCCITANIE. In a study published in February, INSEE revealed that in 2020 one in four children under the age of 11 lived in a poor household in the region. In cities, this rate is even higher: 37% in Montpellier, 45% in Nîmes, 50% in Perpignan. Béziers holds the record, with 52%. An observation that the manager of Restos du Cœur validates. "We are seeing more and more single-parent families, often single women, with children. They sank into poverty."

La Grande-Motte, capital of boating

#HERAULT. The Grande-Motte International Regatta was officially launched this Monday, May 6 in the evening. For the town, 80 days before the launch of the Games and a few days before the arrival of the Olympic flame, the event is significant. "Boating irrigates the maritime heritage of our city and it constitutes an important part of our identity " recalled Stéphan Rossignol, the mayor.
"The jobs of tomorrow depend on the practitioners of today", summarizes Franck Citeau, regional technical director of the Occitanie Sailing League. The Osons la Voile plan, 2019-2024, an investment of 4.4 M€ made it possible to help 50 structures, 300 professionals and 125,000 beneficiaries.

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