Florent Pagny's lung cancer: “Everything can be called into question”, the singer gives news on his state of health

Florent Pagny's lung cancer: "Everything can be called into question", the singer gives news on his state of health

Florent Pagny attend le feu vert des médecins pour 2026. MAXPPP – franck castel

This Thursday, May 30, the artist Florent Pagny took advantage of a brief appearance during a charity concert at the Salle Pleyel to share news about his health. The main person concerned will not return to the stage straight away.

After singing his piece The Soldierin front of the Parisian public, as part of a charity concert for the benefit of wounded soldiers, Florent Pagny gave much-awaited news on his physical condition.

As a reminder, the singer suffers from lung cancer, diagnosed in January 2022, and is content to only make a few appearances, such as at Salle Pleyel. It still seems to be in the dark even if a goal of returning to the foreground is set, relates Here.

A return by 2026?

"There’there is no question of me going back on stage for some time", said the French singer.

The latter nevertheless showed signs of impatience to return to the stage as quickly as possible. "I'm in a three-month outlook, so I can't have big plans. Every time, every three months, I have to do checks, everything can be called into question, so I'm waiting a little more time until everything is sorted out, says the 62-year-old star.

The interpreter of Knowing how to loveand of My freedom to think wants to remain optimistic and leaves himself until 2026 to produce a major concert which will mark his return, as announced BFM TV. "It’s 2026, it’s my 65th birthday. It's okay, it's mid-2024, I still have a year and a half to do some checks, before being able to go on long-term projects,& nbsp;he explains. Fans will still have to wait to benefit from the former flagship coach of The Voice.

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