Football: a gala match for a good cause

Football: a gala match for a good cause

Les maires de l’Hérault s’étaient mobilisés en octobre pour l’association. Midi Libre

The Tigana association against orphan diseases is organizing, Saturday April 13, a sports and charity day in Sussargues with the highlight, a meeting between former Montpellier HSC players and a local selection.

Geoffrey Dernis, Souleymane Camara, John Utaka, the 2012 French champions, but also other former stars of Montpellier Hérault, Rouvière, Barbosa, Dzodic, Castro and Doumeng, will be at the Jules complex -Rimet de Sussargues, Saturday April 13, at 4 p.m., to play a match for a good cause.

They will be there to raise funds for the Tigana association against orphan diseases. "These are non-curable diseases, for which there is no treatment and from which I suffer, does not hide Alain Tigana, who suffers from Charcot's disease. There is no hope for me, but I am doing this for others, so that research can advance for those who have multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's or brittle bones."

A first cycling event

A first event, which his association organized last October, was a success. "Around twenty members of the Association of French Mayors of Hérault and presidents of intermunicipality of Hérault traveled 250&nbsp ;km by bike for two days to raise funds. The arrival at Castries Castle, where the town hall supports us, was magnificent", underlines Alain Tigana, who will be accompanied this time by the municipality of Sussargues.

"A football match, that suits me more", jokes the one who was trained at Caillols, in Marseille , in the company of the Cantona brothers, whose arrival he hopes for, like that of his brother Jean. Those of his former promotion buddy at Nîmes sport studies, Phillipe Debaty (the latter is even the vice-president of his association) and other former crocs Lucchesi, Cubaynes, Sirvent are assured.

Raising awareness of orphan diseases

"They are friends of forty years who signed up straight away to be members. I know that behind me, there will be someone who will transmit, that there will be exchange, sharing and listening, assures the one who played in Béziers, in Division 2. And who is reassured that communities like the Department are behind the association to support it and make it known, because "lOrphan diseases seem harmless, but affect nearly 70,000 people in France".

This day will be the occasion with, on the program, an introduction to savate boxing, a field of young U8/U9 footballers from the local club and the gala match.

Entrance 5 € per person, free for children under 12.

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