Football: after the crucial victory (1-0) against the leader, the Red Star, the notes of the Crocos

Football: after the crucial victory (1-0) against the leader, the Red Star, the notes of the Crocos

On his right side, crocodile attacker Ismael Camara was enterprising, especially in the first period. FREE MIDI – MIKAËL ANISSET

Nîmes suffered, especially in the second half, but Nîmes held on and came out on top against Red Star, winner (1-0). Thanks to this success, the Gardois also leave the relegation zone. A perfect evening.

Paradowski (7): generally little in demand, he was able to be vigilant when necessary, as often in recent times. Comes out with authority in the air in front of Anani (45th + 1) before calmly blocking a too soft shot from the Red Star striker (45th +  2). Very happy to see Botella's head go over (45th + 3). Vigilant on an attempt by Cissé from the entrance to the area (61st). Another beautiful horizontal on a curled shot from the left from Hachem (65th).

Sbaï (7):in the first period, Ile-de-France striker Durand only saw the back of his jersey, forgetting himself on the defensive retreat. The neo-pro crocodile's center is perfect for the head, unfortunately too crossed, of Mbina (3rd). In the process, or almost, he broke through the Red Star rearguard and forced the Ile-de-France goalkeeper Avognan Yapobi to lie down (4th). Camara’s opening score came from one of his breakthroughs (14th). Closes the space well on a breakthrough from the Ile-de-France returnee Doucouré (47th). In a more defensive role during the last forty-five minutes.

Diouf (8) : the former Versailles player achieved a real '&# 39;master class". Author d'un big defensive return on Durand, countering the attempt of the Red Star attacker with a furious tackle in the area (19th). His recovery from the left, when he appeared in the area from a corner from Picouleau, was narrowly off target (34th). Always well placed, header clears a dangerous cross from Doucouré (76th). And what can we say, then, when he breaks away in added time by tackling and saving a hot ball (90th + 1).

Mendy (cap., 6) : A little more in difficulty than his accomplice in the Diouf axis, Captain Croco was sometimes hesitant in his communication with the doorman Paradowski. Is caught in a duel by Ndoye whose header goes over (64th). Finished better than he started.

Diallo (5): more inside than usual and less influential in his left lane, both defensively and offensively. One of his rare forays into the Red Star area almost hit the mark if he hadn't crossed his shot too far (67th).

Picouleau (5): he tried to make himself available in the midfield, especially in the first half. Like the Nîmes collective, it was more difficult to exist after the break, where the leader took matters in hand. Affected, a priori, in the right leg, must have given way to Sacko (72nd).

Doukansy (5): returning from a knee injury and entered a quarter of an hour in Orléans, the crocodile sentry, it seems, quickly felt uncomfortable during the match. His performance was impacted. Clenched his teeth and tore himself up its release, relayed by Lemaangr (83rd).

Mexico (6): displayed his usual volume of play in midfield. His recovery, as he arrives launched into the area, is repelled by Avognan Yapobi (29th). From the restart, his shot lacked conviction to deceive Avognan Yapobi (48th).

Camara (7) : for his tenth start in twelve days since his arrival last January,  he showed the way to NO, author of his second goal for Nîmes, receiving an offering from Sbaï in the area before eliminating his Audonian opponent and beating Avognan Yapobi (1-0, 14th). More withdrawn subsequently, applied in a more defensive role. Replaced by Thoumin (87th).

Mbina (5):its ratio at the level of ''expected goals'' (probability that a shot will be converted into a goal) was high, showing itself to be too unrealistic on too many occasions. From the head, where it crossed too much on two occasions (3rd, 36th). And on the foot, above all, clumsy in a good position facing the goal (21st), lacking power in his recovery (28th), removing his shot too much (34th) or crossing it too much (38th). More discreet during the second act, where NO defended more than attacked. Misuses his only situation of the period, getting confused with the ball (79th). Replaced by Doucouré (83rd).

Mbemba (5) : as restless on his left side as sometimes messy, with the ball at his feet. Is often lost in dribbling, forgetting along the way…hellip; leather, the essential. Didn't hesitate to combine and offer, a little in vain. Amplifies his dive too much in the area on contact with a Red Star defender (34th). Replaced by Khalid (72nd), the latter author of a valuable defensive return on an Audonian offensive (79th).

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