Football: after the draw snatched in stoppages against Villefranche (1-1), the notes of the Crocos

Football: after the draw snatched in stoppages against Villefranche (1-1), the notes of the Crocos

Ismaël Camara and Nîmes chased the score for a long time before coming back to the level. FREE MIDI – MIKAËL ANISSET

At the end of a match in which they played 11 against 10 for seventy-five minutes, the Nîmes, trailing after half an hour of play, logically ended up equalizing at the very end of the match. Overall deserved.

Pardadowski (5): was not worried at all during the evening. However, he went to the back of his net to find one of the only balls he had to touch, powerless on the head of Kouadio (27th). A meeting that could not have been more frustrating for him.

Sbai (4): less in sight than during his last outings. He always walked his right lane but was often blocked by the Rhone rear station and, in particular, by the left piston Latouchent. At the hour mark, Burner replaced him in the post (61st). In half an hour, the Martinican delivered almost as many crosses as Sbai during the hour of play, not hesitating to offer in his right lane. 

Mendy (cap., 5): arrives launched upon receiving a free kick from Picouleau but his header, which was heading towards the frame, is well stopped by the Rhone goalkeeper Pean (12th). Dominated with a header by Kouadio on the opening score for FCVB (27th). For the rest, the Rhone offensives hardly worried him.

Paviot (5):  for his first start of the season in the championship, he delivered a clean performance. Immediately gains confidence by cutting, with a sliding tackle, a fleeing cross, from the right, from Caladois Louzif (3rd). Sure in his interventions, with his head or his left foot, he proved to coach Bompard that he could trust him. 

Diallo (6): severely hit by Louzif, excluded immediately (17th), and remained on the ground for a time, he was however one of the most active Crocos thereafter, especially in the first period. Didn't hesitate to cross and cross again, not always precisely, in the second half. Activity to spare. 

Mexico (6):  everyone saw in the background his free kick wrapped at the entrance to the surface except… Péan, the last rampart of Villefranche, releasing a superb horizontal to take the ball out (21st). Solicits  again the Rhone goalkeeper on a shot, this time too crushed (33rd). As was his other try, at ground level and to the side (42nd). A little less influential after returning from the locker room.

Doukansy (5): his profile suits this post of sentry perfectly. He cut many trajectories, recovered a good number of balls in addition to being the first receiver for his team. A solid match from the Roc Nîmes who even tried a long shot which ended up…in the protective net behind the goal (79th).

Picouleau (5): like Mexico, its counterpart in the midfield, he tried to make the game more fluid and speed up the transition in the middle, not always effectively. His wrapped free kick goes just over (23rd). Supplemented by Thoumin (83rd) whose low recovery at the end of added time flirted with Pean's cage (90th + 2). 

Camara (4): n'has too much weight on his right side. Voluntary and generous, not stingy with his efforts but overall he ran too much into the void. Logically replaced by Doucouré at the hour mark (61st). In an ideal position, close to the goal, on a cross from Mbemba, but appears too borrowed (82nd). 

Mbina (4): followed to the meter by his evening bodyguard, Moussadek, he was indeed stalled in the heart of the game and blocked balls, but not always successfully. The choice of coach Bompard to replace him with Sané(73rd), while NO was behind and playing 11 against 10, was able to surprise. From his first steps on the pitch, we felt the newcomer, first entry into play with NO, could bring danger. A little too short in front of the FCVB goal to deflect Burner's cross (86th), he was able to place a diving header, on a cross from Diallo from the left, to allow the Crocos to equalize (1-1 , 90e). 

Mbemba (4): often dangerous but not often a scorer. His special ''body feint, acceleration'' is still as effective as FCVB defender Kouadio can confirm. Then it usually goes bad. The striker on loan from Dunkirk gets lost too often in dribbling and wants to do a little too much. Like in this action where, well served by Diallo, wants to do too much in the area, getting lost in dribbles and, above all, losing the ball, when he could have struck before (49th). On the ball to equalize but on Camara's right cross, his head crashes into the crossbar of a beaten Pean (60th). Mole again in the area (85th). His header, from a cross from Mexico, only found the firm hand of Pean, the man of the match on the Caladais side, to prevent Nîmes from taking the lead (90th + 1). ;

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