Football: against Mérignac, victory or nothing for the Nîmes

Football: against Mérignac, victory or nothing for the Nîmes

Face à Mérignac, les Nîmoises savent ce qu’il leur reste à faire.

Dimanche 7 avril, à 15 heures au stade Marcel Rouvière, Nîmes Métropole Gard (10e, 13 points) met son calendrier de D3 à jour (match en retard de la 13e journée) avec la réception de Mérignac (12e, 0 point). Victoire impérative.

For Nîmes, the equation is quite simple on the occasion of the arrival of Mérignac (late match of the 13th day): a victory or a draw would allow the Gardoises to leave a zone of relegation into which they have fallen for two days and as many defeats.

Olivier Bonnes, coach: ''I am against the idea of ​​saying that we have seven left finals''

''There, I am against the idea of ​​saying that we have seven finals left, that is not my position at all of spirit, points out coach Olivier Bonnes. We must use everything we have experienced since the start of the season to be able to consolidate what we are doing well and improve on what is going less well. In the game, it's good but we lack too many things in recovering the ball; aggressiveness, commitment…''
Last Saturday, in Colomiers, in a direct competitor for maintenance, he missed twenty minutes for the Nîmoises, overthrown (1-2) after opening the score and generally dominating. ''Certainly, this defeat is not deserved but it is there'', notes a pragmatic Bonnes.

Mérignac: 15 matches, 15 defeats!

Against Mérignac, will Romane Benchao and her teammates finally return to the success that has eluded them for five months and nine matches (4 draws, 5 defeats) ? On paper, the affair seems to represent a penalty without a goalkeeper, the Girondines having lost their fifteen championship matches! ''We clearly agree that we don’want to be the team against which Mérignac will take its first point, indicates Good. We are aware of what is at stake, obviously, but once we have said that, what do we do? We have to play the match and play well play it so you can win it.''

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