Football: Asfac can hope, SC Sète is slowed down and Stade Balarucois is a hit

Football: Asfac can hope, SC Sète is slowed down and Stade Balarucois is a hit

Le coach muscatier Greg Tanagro espère maintenant enchaîner. MIDI LIBRE – G.M.

The regional championship day notably experienced a surprise in Aveyron.

Eight days before the end of the Regional 1 championship, even if Paul Laugier joined Greg Tanagro and Thierry Maurin on the bench, the state of emergency was not however not yet declared in Frontignan.

Mastery and desire

Given the recent performances and a more favorable upcoming calendar, at Asfac we remained confident. The club validated a request from Greg Tanagro. The coach wanted his reserve counterpart to join the staff of the flag team as an assistant before the trip to Toulouse.

This Saturday, it was a precious victory that the Muscatiers sought. Very early on, Florian Moureaux opened the scoring before Yolan Dalouze stopped a penalty. What follows is control and desire in an unexciting match. For the coach, the essential thing is there: &laquo ; Today's results are good for us, this victory puts us back in the saddle. We should continue ».

The dolphin gets closer

In R3, the Aveyron surprise was significant with the Sète defeat conceded in added time. The Sétois coach, however, wants to be calm: « An unlucky goal at the end of the match tarnishes the solidarity shown by the group, it's a twist of fate that will serve us . By finishing nine, Adil El Hasnouni’s men made their task more complicated.

This is all the more the case as the dolphin of Atlas-Paillade has largely established itself in Frontignan. The Muscatière reserve, now coached by Florent Pascal and Lucas Lacoste, seemed very pale and too shy to worry strong visitors. The Montpellier residents are only one point behind the "Vert et blanc" but have one more match. We will have to pull ourselves together on Saturday against Pérols for some, Sud-Hérault for others.

Finally, Stade Balarucois did not miss the opportunity to get back on the podium by inflicting a "manita" on its visitor.

Toulouse Métropole/Asfac 0-1,
Millau/SC Sète 2-1,
Asfac/Montpellier Atlas 4-0,
Stade Balaruc/Sud Hérault 5-0. I subscribe to read more

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