Football: Asfac in the Cup final is good, but maintaining it is better!

Football: Asfac in the Cup final is good, but maintaining it is better!

Les “Violets” ont fait le job, ils sont à nouveau en finale de l’épreuve départementale. MIDI LIBRE – E.R.

The Muscatiers beat Lattes (0-3) this Saturday, April 13 in the semi-final of the Coupe de l’Hérault.

Once by chance is an achievement. Two years in a row, it becomes a subscription. This Saturday, April 13, Asfac did just what was necessary to secure its place once again in the final of the Coupe de l’Hérault. We didn't ask for more!

A serious first period, two clever set pieces made profitable by the achievements of Clément Guillot and Victor Bouzou allowed the Muscatiers to manage the second period as they wished.

Without suspense

The rest was much less exciting, the Latvians, sharply lectured at the break, having regained some enthusiasm after leaving the locker room. An ardor which, however, was largely undermined by the defensive solidity of the "Violets". Hakim Moussi, at the end of the match, put an end to the suspense which, to tell the truth, never was one.

However, this qualification still reassured Greg Tanagro. The coach already had his mind elsewhere: « Yes, a final is always a celebration for the players and the whole club. We’ll be in Clermont, it’s great! What I remember above all is the presence and good performance of Yolan Dalouze (evacuated last Sunday for a head shock), I am also reassured about the state of other injured people who will be perhaps restored on Saturday against Carcassonne. Our concern is the championship. For us, it is essential that the Cup does not become the "consolation" at the end of the season».

"Clasico" de la Gardiole

With the receptions in Carcassonne, Pibrac and the trip to Bazièges, before the final, Asfac should be sure of its fate.

The final will take place on May 8, in Clermont-l’Hérault, and will offer the famous "clasico" de la Gardiole against Fabrègues. The only downside is that at the same time the League of Little Princes will take place in Frontignan. A large part of the supporters, volunteers and leaders will be on site to work on the organization. So we can't do everything!

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