Football: at the Crocos, it works hard, hard

Football: at the Crocos, it works hard, hard

Like this duel between Sacko and Thoumin, the intensity was on Tuesday morning at La Bastide. FREE MIDI – MIKAËL ANISSET

Four days before a crucial match for their future in National, Friday April 19 on the lawn of Orléans, the Nîmes display the right state of mind and the desire to do well, training at the Bastide. Everything remains to be validated in the Loiret.

If we can blame many things in matches against Nîmes this season, on the other hand, we cannot take anything away from Formose Mendy and his team in terms of the state of mind and investment displayed during the week , at the Bastide. Tuesday morning, the big hour and a half of training, rhythmic and committed, began with small games in a small space, under the orders of the physical trainer Aurélien Boche, before continuing with an opposition on a large field, with eleven against eleven.

National ranking

It's in a hurry, it's in a hurry…

Even though he always lacked ''this spontaneity, a little pointy, ending the actions with whatever…'&amp ;#39;, as regretted on Friday by coach Adil Hermach after Versailles (0-1), the desire to do well was there.

If there was no goal, in 45 minutes, between “red jerseys’’ and “white chasubles’’, the line of work sought by the staff was more in pressing on the first opponent's restart. ''We take, we take…'', noted Hermach, leaving the field, to the remark on the profusion of energy deployed.

Crossed on Saturday in Beaucaire, the crocodile technician, who came to see his former club play, in N3, confided: ''When we play on Friday, the most big session held on Tuesday.''
Given the set-up of the day, it was better to wear a red jersey to start in Orléans on Friday. In front of Paradowski, the full-backs Sbaï, on the right, – Labonne (ankle) and Burner (adductors) injured – and Diallo hold the rope. In the center, captain Mendy, suspension served, is still testing his knee (internal ligament): ''Today, it's fine'& ;#39;, he said, at the end.

Doukansy absent against Versailles and again just for Orléans

Paviot (thigh) absent, Lamgahez formed the hinge with Diouf. In the middle, Doukansy (knee), just for Orléans, will undoubtedly be replaced by Sacko, alongside Mexico and in front of Picouleau, sentinel, NO being back in a 4-3-3 system. < /p>

In attack, Mbemba, on the left, and Camara flanked Mbina for a long time, before Doucouré. The finish, always the finish but always without Sané (adductors), undoubtedly the most “scorer’’ of all (2 goals in six matches). ''With Abdou, it may take time'', fears sports director Sébastien Larcier.

The Echoes of the Crocos

ATTACK – At home, usually, ça brand. For the first of Adil Hermach, last Friday in front of Versailles (0-1), the Crocos remained silent. À home, it is only the second time this season that they did not score, after the 0-0 against Barcelona. Dijon last October (11th day). N&imes, which remained in nine matches in a row with at least one goal scored, did not find a goal. the path of the nets &agrav; seven times in the Championship, for a total of 5 defeats and 2 draws.

POSTS –Before giving in to Versailles striker Baaloudj, Tao Paradowski, whose last clean sheet dates back to the trip to France. Châteauroux (0-1, 21st day), wasé saved by his post on a shot from Diakhaby. This is the eleventh time that the Nîmoise team has seen one of its uprights repel an opposing attempt. À note that the Nîmois have similarly affectedé wood à eleven covers.

PREDICTION – Versailles coach, Jean-Luc Vasseur did not know the names of Khalid and Lamgahez, new heads of the crocodile team (29th and 30th players used in the Championship), but he noticed them. ''The 33 and the 34 played their match'', he underlined' in a post-match press conference on Friday, after having greeted a fiery and young formation from N''which posed us a challenge. problems in the first period. He specifiedé also that’à At halftime, he said à his players that the 34 (Lamgahez) was taking a lot of risks and that they were not should therefore not hesitate to press to push (the Nîmois) & the fault''. Well felt, alas…

RETURN – Glimpse during the goalkeepers' warm-up this Tuesday morning, Lucas Dias is on the way back after his cruciate ligament injury. It's been four sessions since we reinstated him. '', points out Alexandre Duclaux, crocodile physical trainer in charge of of rehabilitation.

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