Football: back from nowhere, the U17 Nationals of Nîmes Olympique are holding their ground!

Football: back from nowhere, the U17 Nationals of Nîmes Olympique are holding their ground!

Staff et joueurs nîmois peuvent bien exulter. Ils ont accompli un véritable exploit.

By dominating (1-0) Clermont, Sunday April 28 at the Bastide, the U17s of Nîmes Olympique officially obtained their continuation during the penultimate day. A real achievement for a team with… 0 points after six days of the championship!

''Guys, La Duchère lost. It's good, we're holding on '' As soon as Nîmes' victory was confirmed, yesterday on the La Bastide synthetic pitch, against Clermont (1-0), the’ rsquo;croc striker Gabriel Soler announces the news to his teammates, at a time when “Nîmois, Nîmois…’’ escape from the public. By losing to Saint-Priest (0-4), Lyon La Duchère, like Clermont, finds itself officially relegated to R1 with one day remaining.
Among the Crocos, the 2008 generation will be familiar with the U17 National championship next season.

Signed by the inevitable Gabriel Soler

And if Soler will not be part of the adventure, the home goleador showed the way against Clermont, author of his 13th goal in the championship (1-0, 72nd), undoubtedly not the least important. ''There, I'm at thirteen but I can still improve this total, there is one match left in Lyon'', launched, euphoric, the' rsquo;Gard striker before entering an already topsy-turvy locker room. On Sunday, if the sky shed its tears, Salim Fiorentino's men, too, released a few at the end of a meeting where the stakes took precedence over the game a little too quickly .

Nîmes was relegated 23 days out of 25!

Found sitting on his bench, eyes glued to the laptop – ''I don’officially have the result of La Duchère…'', he was almost still worried – , coach Fiorentino could finally savor, overcome by emotion: ''Our mission is accomplished, namely to leave another team at national level. It was still a primary concern for the club, and for me too, for that matter. As I have often said, it is at the end of the ball that we pay the musicians. Not before.'' As a reminder, Nîmes started its season with … six defeats in a row and will have been relegated twenty-three days out of twenty-five!


La Bastide (synthetic).

Rainy weather.
Half-time: 0-0.
Sébastien Decitre.
Goal for Nîmes : Soler (72nd).
Warnings à Nîmes : Ozor (30th), El Jebari (37th), Hadri (86th), Soler (90th), Choquet (90th + 2).
Warnings à Clermont: Rahmaoui (52nd), Niakate (61st).
NÎMES : Belabdi – Choquet, Belkaid, Andichi (Benkeda, 80th), Convertini – El Jebari (cap.) (El Abdellaoui, 62nd), Bouzar, Ozor (Hadri, 80th) – Saadi, Soler, Benamar (Elyazidi, 80th).

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