Football: championship, Cup and Challenge, update on the Thau basin

Football: championship, Cup and Challenge, update on the Thau basin

Les Lapeyradois ont réagi, dimanche sera le tour des Pointus. MIDI LIBRE – E.R.

On jouait tous azimuts au niveau du district, ce week-end des 10 et 11 février.

The only meeting in the D1 championship allowed the Lapeyradois to start a series well, at least we hope so. The arrival of the Vedasian reserve coincides with the first victory of the year 2024. It had been fleeing the "Red and White" since December 3. While these three points are good, they are not enough. The next trip to Saint-Thibéry will require confirmation of the return to “Olympic” form. Pointe-Courte will play on Sunday, that might give them some ideas.

FC Domitia heads up

In the Coupe de l’Hérault also, a single representative from the Thau basin was on deck. FC Domitia, author of an interesting journey until then, has long worried a contender for R3. A division separated the two teams, the "Bleu et garnet" come out with their heads held high, it’s with a goal difference that they let qualification slip .

Asfac, now alone in the race, will have to defeat Montpellier-Cévennes on Saturday before joining the seven others still in the race.

Finally, the Maurice-Martin challenge offers a rare opportunity to stand out in a direct elimination event. There will be two and maybe three in the next round. The Lapeyradois returned victorious from the banks of the Hérault and FC Domitia defeated the Montpellier postal workers. Stade Balarucois II can still join them in the quarter-finals.

D1 : Ol. Lapeyradois/Saint-Jean-de-Védas II 2-1.

Hérault Cup:
Baillargues (D1)/FC Domitia (D2) 1-0.

Maurice-Martin Challenge:
FC Domitia II (D4)/PTT Montpellier (D3) (at Gigean) 2-0,
Port Marianne Montpellier (D4)/AS Mireval II (D4) 4-0,
Castries (D4)/Mèze SFC II (D3) 6-2,
Canet-d’Hérault II/O. Lapeyradois II (D3) 0-2.
Next Sunday, Balaruc II will play its postponed round of 16 against Paulhan II. I subscribe to read more

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