Football: for Asfac, in the final, a Gardiole derby like in the good old days

Football: for Asfac, in the final, a Gardiole derby like in the good old days

Whether you wear white or purple, a final is always an opportunity to party.

The Muscatiers travel to Clermont-l'Hérault, this Wednesday, May 8 at 5 p.m., to face Fabrègues in the final of the Coupe de l’Hérault.

« Above all, do not transport the Cup », this is the message addressed to Greg Tanagro's group by the energy sobriety committee (which will recognize itself) usually located in the middle of the Kop of the Lucien-Jean complex.

In addition to the gain in carbon footprint if the trophy were to remain in the window of the Muscat club, we must also consider that the end of the season, so annoying for too long a period, could end in apotheosis for the club ;rsquo;one as for the other finalist.

A large poster of the old DHE

Before playing saviors of the environment, there will still be the last step to overcome, it is far from obvious. The derby, sometimes called the "Clasico de la Gardiole", was one of the highly anticipated posters of the former Division d’Honneur Excellence, an unmissable meeting between the Northerners of Fabrègues and the Southerners of Frontignan.

Two clubs with a similar course, separated by a mountain and with many points in common.

In Frontignan, we know what Laurent Scala brought. He is cited in the most beautiful pages of the history of Asfac, as a player and coach. Today, despite their difficulties in the championship, we know that the "Blood and Gold" form a team that often succeeds in decisive matches. They have shown for a long time, particularly in the Coupe de France, how such an event suits them wonderfully.

A nice bonus before maintaining R1 ?

Football: for Asfac, in the final, a Gardiole derby like in the good old days

The staff can hope to end the season in style. FREE NOON – E.R.

For the Muscatiers, the final is a bonus. If remaining in R1 is not yet mathematically assured, it could be as early as next Saturday, in the event of a draw or following the results of direct rivals.

The only downside, apart from an unfortunately crowded infirmary, will concern the abandonment of the purple color on the tunics in this event. The Muscatiers will play in white tops, a first which is ultimately not a first since the bottoms will be blue.

Usual club colors which should not offend the most superstitious!

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